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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Chef, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. Sit in traffic

  2. Split/Filter

    0 vote(s)
  3. Use a motorcycle transit lane

  1. If you were given the choice

    Would you prefer to

    sit in traffic
    split/filter through traffic
    or use a dedicated motorcycle lane?

  2. 1. M/c lane
    2. Split
    3. Sit in traffic

    Hands down. :grin:

    Can anyone see the day we ever get our own lane? I can't. [​IMG]
  3. Bike lane for sure Steve..

    You going to make some are you.. :LOL:

  4. hahaha, I need to talk to Joel. :LOL:
    Is he a discount partner?

  5. Joel where are you mate ?? :LOL:
  6. reminds me of the seinfeld episode where Cramer bought a section of freeway and changed the lane markings! heheehee

    Motorcycle lane -> split -> sit
  7. Of course.
  8. If theres a hottie in the car next to me at the lights, ill happily sit. :)
  9. :WStupid:
  10. I'd like to have 'the road' and all the cars can use a separate 'car lane'.
  11. We need jet bikes, then we can go above the traffic.

    Failing that, I'll go for bike lane, split, sit.
  12. I thought that was what stuff like DRZs were for :LOL: .

    MC lane--->split------------------------------------------------------->sit
  13. I'd rather filtering be legalized.

    A separate lane for dumb arse drivers to check before they turn, swerve into suddenly to pick/drop someone up/off, park their car so I have to merge out of my lane more often, would just make it more dangerous.
    I'd like to see a big space for bikes at the front of the lanes so when we filter to the front we don't have to sit behind other bikes thinking we might get squished in between. Wider lanes and idiot drivers informed to stay to one side of their lane.

    ^^ Or this could work. kinda like in London when you have to pay to drive into the town centre cars should have to line up to drive into the town centre.
  14. I voted filtering because I haven't seen a m/c lane anywhere :|

    though living in collingwood and working in richmond north (5 mins peak hour down hoddle street) was really good practice and learning where my bike would and wouldn't fit, had to move a mirror in once (I put it back after I was past it) and only scrapped a couple in the 12 months I was working there ;)
  15. Taiwan has motorbike lanes... (seen 'em on mordeth13 vids)

    Seem like a great idea. Sent some feedback to Vicroads during that recent survey, but I'm sure it was binned.
  16. "only scrapped a couple in the 12 months I was working there"
    Here's an example of why spelling is important, kids. ;)
  17. But nowhere near as important as staying on topic :wink:

  18. Well yeah, but with all due respect the poll is kinda pointless 'cos it ain't gonna happen, so...
  19. Then you've no reason to be posting in it.