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Split or get off the pot

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bravus, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. (see what I did there?)

    Two examples today on the (slightly rainy) ride in, one good, one bad.

    First guy was a relative n00b: riding along with his feet down a lot of the time in the wet. Split a huge gap, kind of tentatively, then balked at a gap that was still plenty big enough. Saw me coming up in his mirrors and moved back into his lane and well to the right, giving the more confident rider plenty of space and a good signal to split by and be gone.

    Second guy was sitting in the right of his lane, angled toward the gap for the split, but not moving. I came up very gingerly, sat there for a bit, then split by with some trepidation. All the signs said he was about to split, and he either wasn't aware or didn't care about my approach, but he was covering the corridor to some extent.

    Know your own skill levels, be sensible and modest and considerate, keep an eye on your mirrors. The first guy has everything he needs to become an excellent rider.
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    Love the title. :)

  3. This irritates me as well. I seemed to get blocked more on the DR650, I think some sportsbikers don't like being overtaken by a "dirt bike".
  4. Blocking is one thing, don't know what traffic was like but perhaps rider #2 was simply making sure he had an escape route if somebody came up behind him and didn't look likely to stop...
  5. I would think it would be best to stay in the left track of the lane...there is plenty of room to the left, may it be a shoulder, another lane or even just one of those small shoulders over a bridge which is plenty of room, but as you say, we don't know the traffic condition or even the road.
  6. I am guilty of sometimes just sitting between cars.

    This happens when there is no one splitting behind me (the traffic i ride in there rarely is) and i simply can't be bothered to finish splitting to the front.

    I find it amusing getting stuck behind people who split gingerly; i tend to be ultra-aggressive in my filtering so as to make the most of the traffic being stopped. I feel i need to do that, because i'm wearing a p-plate :D
  7. Yeah, it's a good possibility, PhilC, and well worth raising, but this was in stopped traffic that had been stopped for a while, so it wasn't the fear of being rear-ended. Of course, he may have set himself up that way and then not really had the opportunity to move.

    I guess my point is more to encourage good practice and good thinking than to have a go.
  8. you confused me with your 'split' reference.......as opposed to filtering.... now I understand..](*,)
  9. Chosen for artistic reasons. ;-)
  10. Sure he was looking to split? I find some riders have a really distinct 'emergency route' plan which could look like that.
  11. Sit on the left of the lane like that and you're asking to be rammed off the road by a car. Additionally the driver in front isn't likely to be aware you're there (maybe 5% of drivers look in left side mirror).

    The arrogance of some splitters is astounding. Filtering/splitting is a bonus, not a right.
  12. I'm still learning the dimensions of my bike, only had it a month. Sometimes I stop and then later thing "wtf, you could have fit a truck through there".

    If I accidentally screw up your filter, sorry in advanced! Bwahaha..
  13. See this is where opinions vary, what some call arrogance others would call confidence, and Splitting (let's call it what it is) is every Motorcyclists Dog given right.

    Having said that, keep an eye on your six and if a flyer is coming through Get the fuck out of the way!
  14. I sit on the left wheel track plenty of times, may it be to give way to other riders or because I have to take the next exit and only have been pushed aside once into the emergency lane because of the texting driver behind me. Traffic was stop start and there was plenty of space to the left due to it being an emergency lane and it gave me an escape route. If I was to stay in the right wheel track, I would have either been hit from behind or side swiped the ute which was closer to the left left wheel track of the right lane (as though to block filtering).

    Yes, drivers don't expect people on their left if they are in the far left lane, but I am pretty sure there are more escape routes to the left than to the right one during peak hour traffic, especially if there is a break down/emergency lane or even a bicycle lane.

    I guess it all depends on the situation...if you think there is no escape route to the right, stick to the left, someone else coming up behind you might see the gap you saw too small, a perfect size to filter through and thus you give them room to move, while you still have an escape route.

    Obviously this may not be the same if you're in a 3 lane road and you're stuck in the middle lane, either way you have to choose what is safest for you.
  15. Yeah unless the gap's huge (generally aren't in Sydney CBD) I slow down and check my mirrors before I start the split, especially if the cars' mirrors are in line. Don't wanna hold anyone up while I finesse my bars around, under or over the car bits. Almost makes me wish for clip-ons.
  16. No arrogance, just a forum discussion intended to help all riders be considerate to all other riders. I think that's a worthwhile goal.
  17. the left track is a blind spot for a lot of cars, sit there at your peril.
  18. If someone is sitting to the right as this guy was, but has no intention of splitting, and is situationally aware, it's no stress at all to wave or signal a splitter through... good etiquette on the road as well as the fairway.
  19. Genuine question, but why? When I'm in my cage, my rear view mirror can see both wheel tracks behind me (this is where I got confused). If you are referring to cars in the RIGHT lane not seeing you in the left wheel track of a LEFT lane, fair enough, but during peak hour traffic of stop/start it wouldn't be so bad?

    I would understand if it was slow flowing traffic and you are in the left wheel track of the left lane and the car in the right lane not seeing you and starting to merge...but not when traffic has stopped.

    Not to sound like a smart arse, but we are talking about filtering...whereby cars aren't moving/barely moving...right?

    If this has side tracked...I apologize.
  20. My bad, I am referring to being in moving traffic, so many people do not look over their (left)shoulder relying on the mirror. didn't mean to side track