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Split from MAV Memorial thread

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by BanzaiElise, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. Police reports only say one.
    Regardless, that is one too many especially so soon after Mav's accident.

  2. Thats one step closer for me to giving road riding altogether..............im hearing way too many accidents and fatalities.

    I dont know about you but I no longer find carving up the twisities fun...........i find ride days much more fun and less scary than road riding.
  3. I think of them as entirely different things......the ride days allow you to explore the limits of the bike, and your riding technique in an entirely predictable environment....road riding is an exercise in reacting to an entirely unpredictable environment regardless of whether you travelling at normal speeds or multiples of the speed limit.

    There is no satisfaction for me in travelling fast on the road for the sake of it.....a good road ride is one where I find a nice empty bit of tarmac to ride in, and succeed in anticipating and/or reacting to anything that I encounter that might want to enter that space. It doesn't matter to me whether it is the daily commute, or a 1000+km day trip....if I am surprised by something on the ride, then I treat that as a mistake and take satisfaction in developing my roadcraft so that I will handle it better next time.
  4. A nice way of expressing it, Miraz.

    I was thinking about exactly that style, yesterday, coming home prom Pie, on the freeway.

    There were heaps of cars heading south, so I found a fairly empty bit of the left hand lane and idled down it at about 100 kph, keeping in the empty patch.

    Riding under the speed limit didn't hurt me at all.
  5. RIP rider...
  6. @flyindutchie and @goz , would it be too disrespectful to ask how Mavs accident occurred? I haven't really thought about it till now, the loss of a comrade and the weight on his family had kept my mind busy. However given that staying safe is on all our minds right now given too many tragedies in too few days I think that some valuable lessons could be learnt from knowing how Mavs accident occurred.
  7. I think the only person that can answer that question is Mav himself, otherwise no one will really know what actually happened
  8. couldn't have said it better @goz. we have assumptions and predictions from nsw police about what "may" have happened, and have gone to have a look for ourselves at the markings to work it out. as goz said.
  9. And it's best not the talk about it openly on a forum.
  10. very true