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Spirit of Tasmania ferry question

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hgsuzuki, Jan 20, 2008.

  1. hey, sorry if this is the wrong area, had a brief look about and thought here would be appropriate.

    At the end of the week i'm booked into take myself and bike across bass strait on the ferry. Their site (Spirit of Tasmaina) says that they supply tie-downs, but would it be better to bring own set, or anything else to make sure the bike isn't damaged going over? Any hot tips?


  2. They supply the lot. When you've got your bike parked in the right spot, they throw you the tie downs, secure the hooks in the deck and leave. Nothing else to it.
  3. You'll find the tie downs they use are much better than the $20 specials you can get from SuperCheap :wink:
  4. I watched them tie down a number of bikes. They leave them on the side stand and have sleeves that run over the grips. There's a strap that runs between the sleeves across the width of the bar and then one more from each sleeve down to the deck. Most of the bikes were carrying a LOT of gear and I'm yet to see anyone with a problem.
  5. The deck hands strap down the bike. They fit a handle bar bra and tie down from it. Decent sized tie downs too. You'll be directed to park between the tie down loops.

    For the picky pernicky, I suggest placing an old towel over your tank. When they distribute the bar bra's they place them on the tank... possible scratch time.

    By the way - last I went, it was a steel plate floor... and we arrived in tassie in the wet and rain... and we all had to do a U turn on wet steel to get off... definitely heart in mouth time!
  6. Last time I went, which was fairly recently, they used the over the handlebar grip type tie downs. There is a sleeve in between the parts that go over your grips. It is very soft and serves to protect your tank. It seems to have a tendency to bunch up. After the deck hand had gotten the part that goes over the grips into place (and before he had a chance to pull down on the tie downs), I made sure that the protective cloth was fully extended and covered my tank. :grin:
  7. It was very wet loading and unloading on Sat night/Sun morning on our trip back. The deck and ramp were soaked. Made me think it would be dicey!
  8. Hey there a couple of us heading over various times over the coming weekend. We are heading off on the day trip on Saturday

    From what we have been told they supply the tie downs and from all reports do a right ripper job of it too

  9. thankyou all for your replys and reassurance! :cool:
  10. Mate you can use theirs as they are stronger than most :wink: but you can strap it down yourself our they will do it for you. Go with what rob said and throw a towel or something over your tank as their sleeves are good but as G said they do bunch up and thats why I put the towel on the tank :wink:
  11. Just another thought;
    How well is the lower decks sealed from water and salt. Is it worth bringing a cover, or at Devonport just a wash at a servo.
  12. You fret too much!
  13. cejay is right mate dont worry as it is a ship so I am tippin that they wouldnt be letting the water in :wink: no if it is raining when it docks that where the water comes from so if its dry when you get in it wont be wet at all :wink:
  14. I had my 4wd parked at the very front one trip over and it was a rough night. The bonnet was white with salt, but then again it was rough with 50kt winds all the way.

    The bikes are all secured on deck 5 I think, and well inside. If they get salt on them there you'll be picking the shortest way to swim back to dry land.

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  15. those tie downs are awesome... so awesome infact that they are a constant reminder of my trip from tassie :wink:
  16. cheers all!
  17. Hopefully I'm offending the OP for stealing this thread but I have an accomodation query. I'll be heading into Tas mid Feb alone. What type of accomodation does everyone use for a night trip.

    My plan was to 'sleep' on a night trip. Are the recliners sleeepable?
  18. You can sleep in them mate, they are just like a seat in a coach. I will admit that when I do it I useally get a two berth cabin but I was in the seats once, but I grabbed a couch near the bar straight away and slept there as it was much more comfy than the recliners, but they are ok :wink: :)
  19. Clearly you haven't seen what salt can do to a bike! It's like spraying it with pure acid,,, I'd want to give it a wash after disembarking myself, though this being Tasmania, rain will probably do it for you :)
  20. He's here, we got him drunk, the kids took him for a ride. I'm sure his tales of SPOT travel will be told.