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Spinning the bike on the sidestand… any downsides?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by grue, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. Often the shortest path from where I enter the footpath to where I want to go is "past" my destination, so I do a tight uturn onto the same-side-of-street footpath and pop back to wherever I'm going. Of course that leaves the bike pointing the "wrong" direction, so I spin it 180° on the sidestand like I was shown once "back in the day". Is there any problem with doing this, other than people looking at me like a madman?

  2. Mate i've been doing it for yrs and never had any dramas at all.
    I cant see any problems at all if your doing it the right way, only problem i could see is if it fell off the sidestand when doing it.

    As for you people looking at you like your a madman, mate it's cause you don't see many people do it and their saying to them selves "man that guy knows what he's doing".=D>

    In my eyes keep it up, your doing nothing wrong.

  3. Excellent, that's what I like to hear :)
  4. I did it the other day in a car park and a bloke drinking a coffee promptly spilt it all over himself! He got out and said that was an amazing trick, lmao
  5. G'day everyone,....

    Thank goodness the replys have all been posative as I have been doing this little trick myself a few times,....

    But then I first saw another rider do this and thought the same.
    "Thats a neat little trick!"

    Dr Who?
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  7. lets see you do that on a goldwing ;) LOL

  8. You'd have a hard time getting me to touch one in the first place :-s
  9. My instructor showed me how on the first day!
  10. I wouldn't doubt it, there are how-tos on everything there :)
  11. i tried this on my bike with the centrestand and it made lots of noise and hardly moved....

    doesn't seem to work on centrestand....:LOL:

  12. You have to do a running start!
  13. I just tried this with my bike. FN awesome. Will save me from having to do a 20 point turn in my garage... plus i felt like hercules doing it - i just lifted up both wheels.:D
  14. (y) and yeah, I find it easier to just get both wheels up and put some of the weight on my left thigh while I rotate the bike, but it's a smallish bike (CBR600F4i) and I'm a big guy.
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  16. anyone have a link?
  17. It would be interesting to work out the physics and strain put on the bike stand. work out the youngs modulas for the metal in the stand and the moments on the pivot point, that being what a total 2 square centimeters

    one day possibly it will snap or your hands will slip off the bike and all come crashing down
  18. lol. yeah that's loz. :p

  19. Interesting?

    No it wouldn't be interesting at all. A little bit boring, and maybe a bit pedantic, but not interesting.
  20. I've been doing this for ages since i wigged out seeing a dealer do it back in the day , and got him to show me....

    My question is .... has ANYONE ever seen or heard of the stand BREAKING ?!

    or.... im thinking if you didnt balance right it could flip the stand up and .... BAD NEWS !