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Spin on "egosurfing"

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by gegvasco, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. From another forum:

    Go into google and type in your first name then "needs" eg. "Gregg needs" then do a search.
    I ended up with:
    Gregg needs repairing :eek:hno:
    Gregg needs to eat
    Gregg needs to go
    Gregg needs a Sesame Street lesson :LOL:
  2. Bugger!!!

    Seems I need a kidney :shock:

    Didn't think I drank THAT much :?:
  3. I had some good ones!

    Paul needs some advice on what to do with his front door.
    Paul needs to exalt God.
    Paul needs a haircut.
    Paul needs to lose himself to mourning and anger.


    Paul needs to fulfill a definite and specific purpose.

    I wonder what that purpose is?
  4. Easy...


    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  5. Only if you help me with my front door! ;)
  6. "The new centre addressed my needs." (I wonder what sort of centre :? )

    "Needs a bath." :shock:

    "Needs sleep." :LOL:

    Well, one out of three isn't so bad is it?
  7. Apparently I need a hat, some love and "your coke" :shock: (actually sounds kinda like a fun night :LOL:).
  8. Thats great...

    Jonathan needs an experienced skilled family that is understanding of his special needs and
    Jonathan needs to start drinking more beer

    Well if the computer says so...
  9. Michael needs to ease off
    Michael needs dependable adults in his life
    Michael needs Mum :?
    Michael needs some Juice (Actually i am pretty thirsty)
    Michael needs photographs of both sides of the animal :shock:
  10. Interesting!!

    Tina needs "a slower pace" - Right on!!! I'll agree with that! :grin:
    Tina needs "to see this" Hmmmm? :-s
    Tina needs "someone nice ;o)" :-k

    There were also a few 'rude' ones... maybe they're the ones I need to see!! :shock: :shock: :LOL: :angel:
  11. I need:

    - nous instead of knuckleheads

    - to learn the art of losing gracefully

    - willpower

    - a better act

    - to shake this up.

    I wouldn't argue with any of that! :LOL:
  12. And this is meant to be a ego boost ?? :( :(
  13. Sean needs five cakes.
    Sean needs dedicated prayer partners that will pray for him daily. :shock:
    Sean needs therapy.
    Sean needs a belt.
    Sean needs wrestling shoes (presumably for when my smartarsed comments come back to haunt me. :LOL: )
  14. I went looking for the rude ones. I can see why you ignored them. :shock:

    This would compliment your slower pace.:
    "Tina needs a PCA to help her with daily living activities like bathing, preparing food, and other arduous tasks" :grin:
  15. Nola = New Orleans

    I need lots of stuff....

    This is bizzare....

    *JamBase | NOLA JAZZ FEST IS A GO!NOLA needs all of our good, healing, musical energy for a grass-roots, collaborative REVIVAL! Might I encourage everyone TO GO, come hell or highwater, ... *

    *NoLa needs a Ride to SF bookfaireNoLa needs a Ride to SF bookfaire last modified: *

    and many many more... but the theme is nola needs to be rebuilt or to raise money.....

    .... as I am sitting in a rehab hospital I find it a bit bizzare and will try again in 2 weeks!!! ha ha ha to see if my 'needs' change!!!!!!


    I am hoping for Nola needs to buy a new shiny bike.

  16. Bronwyn needs a new pair of panties :oops:
    Bronwyn needs to be eliminated before she can do any more damage :shock:
    Bronwyn needs to get her co-dependent ass to a 12-step program
    Bronwyn needs to get to LA for reasons that piss her off
    Bronwyn will need a decision by the end of September
    Bronwyn needs to verify the registrations before
    Bronwyn - I do need silence :roll:
    BRONWYN. Making our profession sexy. It needs to be attractive to get people. interested :roll:
    Bronwyn. 'Persistent needs and expanding desires :LOL: :LOL:
    Bronwyn said softly. "He needs to sleep for as long as he can
    Bronwyn - everyone needs one rich stranger in their lives. :idea:
    Bronwyn's sentiments are typical of a cashed up person who appears to have a neurotic need :?


    ummmmm... all of the above seem to sum up my life pretty damn accurately just at the moment..... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  17. :shock: :shock:

    Reality Panic: "Jason needs to SHUT UP..."
    Jason needs to SHUT UP when he's a moderator about his opinions especially when he's not even an actual developer! *********** ...

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  18. Shut up Jason. :p :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  19. ADEM needs to talk to the counties
    ADEM needs to report to me and other legislators on specific needs that are affecting health
    ADEM needs to be investigated further
    ADEM is in need
    ADEM needs to fulfill the promise
    ADEM needs to trace the water supply using dyes before a permit is issued so there is certainty the water supply won’t be impacted
    Adem needs a little something