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Spiked Bar Ends...Why?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by DeeCubed, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. So I’m flicking through e-bay, looking to see what goodies I might tastefully add on to the Bandit, and what do I find: spiked bar ends…no jest. I mean why, for God's sake why? Are they some sort of traditional weapon? Are they tipped with some sort of Bulgarian poison? Are there matching accoutrements incorporating razor edged front mudguards and Ben Hur-like scimitar hubs? What’s wrong with the people at D2Moto? SNAP OUT OF IT YOU LOONIES!


  2. Its a US site ... say no more eh :roll:

    Damn those could be lethal
  3. Their in case you run out of ammo.

  4. Arrrr They be Spitefull Spikes....

    Mr $70k Landrover thinks he's better than you and doesn't want you to filter past him and so just edges over to close the gap?

    Have no fear, i've got my $70k paint ripping spike right HERE lol
  5. It makes it rather hard to argue that front number plates are dangerous in a crash when people bolt that shit onto a bike ey?
  6. I agree ^^^ I have them so people understand to f*&k off outta my way. :cool:
  7. and you'll still argue that front number plates are dangerous?

    +1 Vic It's crazy huh
  8. I had them. But took em off after the second time i skewered my leg walking around the bike.

    They did look cool though. Still have them on my front axle ends and as pickups on the rear.
  9. they look hot as... but not very practical!
  10. They are specially designed so that when you have a "off" involving sticking the end of the handlebar into some part of your anatomy, the bar can penetrate further and deeper, with less force required.

    Excellent idea, very Darwinian.
  11. Sums it up.
  12. If you want safe drive a fcuking car. Has anyone actually received a blow to the body from a bar end? Its not like you can take out pedistrians with them - or we'd all freakin mount them.
  13. If you look at bar ends they are rounded.. its not for style, its to reduce friction in the event of a crash to avoid digging in. If you had a low speed lowside with these 'sharp' ones on its very possible that they could dig in and cause the bike to flip, causing significantly more damage.

    Thats me being an analyst; cheapskate. But if you think about them hitting you at speed, eg. in crash.. oww
  14. lol. I just didn't really like the idea of them. Only seem one set on and didn't like them. I'm not into hardcore bling tho! although the new bike might change all that lol
  15. They're stupid bloody things, and the end of a handle-bar or clip on CAN scewer you, as the rider. As was explained...bar-ends are rounded so that they slide instead of digging in, and flipping or tumbling the bike over with the potential to hit you, or some other poor bloke.
  16. i have this picture in my head of having a lowside off and the bar end comes slamming down on the top of your hand. :cry:
    i can also picture the government putting our rego's up because these things have a greater chance of gouging out the road surface if you crash...
  17. Made & sold here in Melbourne as well VCM. Under $40.
    Bambam can give you details if you after a set [​IMG]

    These were the ones we fitted to his bike.




    You forgot to mention the 4WD & sedan you added pin stripes to as well [​IMG]

    Yes you don't want to make ANY contact with em,

    but in the event of an incident when you got 300kg of bike hitting the deck,
    having rounded or spiked ends isent going to make any difference to
    friction. In a low speed lowside, the bike slides & bar end grinds away
    in the same manner as happens with rounded bar ends.
  18. having your hand ground against the road by a rounded bar end is one thing.but the added 'bonus' of having it impaled by a spike like jesus as well is something i could do without. :wink:
  19. Yup. 1985 - came off my trailie and copped a bar end in the lower abdomen. Bloody hurt and I'm glad it wasn't fitted with a spike :shock:

  20. Yes - and it effing hurt. :evil: