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Spiegler Braided Brake lines install

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Cronus, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,
    I recently recieved my spiegler braided brake lines in the mail i ordered of
    STG, tomorrow was gonna attempt to install them on my 08 cbr600rr. just wanted to know if anyone has any extra pointers (watched a bunch on tutes on youtube) or has had any experience with the brand.

    The only thing that has got me is that it came with 2 lines which i get from the 3 to 2 conversion but one line is shorter then the other and doesnt end in at a right angle like the other.

    Am i right to assumer that both ends go back up to the master cyclinder even though theres only one that goes there atm, and the kit did come with a double and 2 single banjo bolts which like the lines i ordered in red as a highlight on my black bike.
  2. one will be for the left and one for the right
    the right side of the wheel (forward direction) would be the shorter because its closer.

    From my own experience anyway.
    There are no instructions?
  3. yeh theres instructions just wanted to make sure the end pieces threw me is all
  4. the ends that go on the calipers should have the same angle. The ends at the master may be different. One might have an offset to move it away from the other slightly due to space issues? Can you throw a pic up?

  5. Did you get a little spanner thingo that allows you to change the angle of the ends?
  6. yeh got all that, we found a pic of them installed on a 1000 and at the caliper the two ends have a different angle, work great and look great happy wit the buy