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Spidi Jeans

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Sitting Bull, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. I'm thinking of purchasing a pair of Spidi kevlar jeans. They look to be a quality product with fairly reasonable protection.
    Anyone got any or had the opportunity to inspect them?

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  3. Are they the stretch ones? There are two J&K kevlar jeans from Spidi on the website. The stretch ones only have kevlar on the arse I think, whilst the pro ones are fully lined with kevlar. Both these are men's jeans though and I can't fnd any current unisex jeans, perhaps yours' are an old model.
    I like these ones,
    I heard they are quite long which is probably a good thing. My current normal jeans ride up a bit when I'm on the bike. Someone reckoned the knee protectors were too low even when adjusted to the fully high position, this could be a problem I guess if you order the wrong size. I have been advised by Spidi and a retailer to order the same size as my Levis jeans.
  4. I personally went Alpinestars Axiom jeans and seperate knox strap on armour.

    -They fit fairly slim
    -There is plenty of info about sizing online
    -They're cheap (around 115+shipping from FC Moto)
    -Well known brand, seen a couple of people who have crashed them and they held up well

    -They only have kevlar on the butt and knees (which suits me because fully lined would be too hot for Brisbane)

    The sizing of motorcycle jeans varies like crazy, I didn't want to spend too much buying online for this reason. If you want something substantial and are happy to pay a bit more I suggest you get draggin jeans from Motorcycle Race Gear instead.

    As far as armour on jeans go I don't really trust it to stay in place when you need it which is why I use seperate strap on armour.. unless they are very slim fit then it might be OK.
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