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Spiders nest in my cibby!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by marlons, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. hey guys,
    well i just bought a second hand cbr250rr that isnt working. while removing the fairings/ fuel tank to access the engine, i found that there are quite a number of spiders living inside.

    i sprayed the bike with bug spray and a huntsman just fell out, i aimed it at the front discs and a large "black house spider" crawls out. a little while later i see baby spiders (what look like to be black house spiders) crawling from under neath my bike. i can only assume that there are more inside as the bike has been sitting without use for 18 months with a fair amount of webs.

    im sure theres more people out there that have dealt with this problem, what can be done to eradicate the bike of spiders?

    thanks marlon

    p.s: im aracnophobic
  2. WTF! :shock:
    Thank god you weren't riding it when they came running out!! :shock:
    I would have ended up in the bushes!
  3. Oh god. I've got no good ideas, but good luck dude. I think I'd have trouble even getting on a bike if I saw spiders falling out of it :shock:
  4. Bug spray the crap out of it dude!

    Dunno if there is such a thing, but get some spider bait and put it around your bike.

    Also, you could buy one of those insect reppelers that you plug in to the power point thats supposed to keep them all away. Plug it in near the bike and don't go near it for 1 week
  5. kero and matches? maybe a can of hairspray and a lighter? Nah, just ye olde bug spray would do, i suppose you could park it in a shed and let of one of those bug bombs(i.e. flea/roach bombs) and give it a good hose down!
  6. i wont be going anywhere close to the bike unless im armed with a can of bugspray lol...

    Noticibly F.A.T- so far ive used an entire can on the bike, but one of them only came out when i sprayed it directly on it.

    theres just soo many nooks and crannies in the bike-i would hate to miss a couple and for them to crawl out when im riding or even working on the bike.
  7. There might be heaps in the exhaust. Spray a very VERY little bit of aero start, then carefully light it. SPIDER CANNON
  8. Shut it up in the garage and get an Insect Bomb from Woolies, let it off and leave it all night.
  9. yeah, ive got 3 unused cans of these- sounds like a good idea. the bikes currently in my garage (approx 5*3m). never used one before- if i put say 3 of these under my bike would it pretty much kill all the spiders?

    lol then im thinking about the other spiders in my garage that might get agitated but not killed by the bombs- unless these bombs are alot stronger than im thinking
  10. :rofl: I know I shouldn't laugh since my wife is arachnophobic, but it's still funny when it's happening to someone else.

    +1 to the Aerostart Spider Cannon but you need a lean fuel/air mix for best effect (trust me)

    Mind you I once had a very large huntsman run across the windscreen of my old Sigma - which I promptly parked at 45 degrees in the middle of the road - lucky noone was behind me.

    Seriously though, a can of surface spray should be enough, they generally squirt more than spray so good for nooks and crannies - then give it a couple of hours and the spiders should all bugger off or die. Once had a spider crawl out of my treadly helmet onto my helmet - THAT was fun.
  11. lolll yeah its definately one of those "because its someone else" moments haha.
    seems like a combination of bombs and surface spray will do the job.

    thanks for the help guys-will be buying a bottle of surface spray and some more bombs tommorow. any more info/experiances will be appreciated

    cheers, marlon
  12. Pour a litre of petrol all around the engine & light it up with ya cigarette
    lighter. That'll teach em snork_okok.
  13. OH MY GOD

    ok this thread has scared me as I am also arachnaphobic

    and I have also just bought myself a second hand bike that has been sitting in the shed for a bit :eek:hno:

    Good luck with your spider removal

  14. not quite as good as my effort when one started running across the drivers dor window which was half down, in a split second the window was up,i was pull up, out of the car and proceeded to kick the shit out of the door til i managed to actuallyy land a kick on the mother f%^ker :LOL:

    surface spray made especially for spiders works wonders, they wont come running out, but they will fall out
  15. Hehe :LOL:
    Which album do you think would work best?? :p
  16. Pqzn7b0.
    Works a treat !
    We have an onsite van at Lake Eildon and often 'bomb' the place when we expect not to return for a few mths etc.. No spiders on arrival
  17. HAHA oh you nearly caused coffee to be spread all over my new screen :LOL:

    personally I think the Album "Run" might be the best one

  18. LOL

    You never know, having a bike full of spiders could be useful. eg cager yells at you through an open window, chuck a couple of spiders at 'em!

    Plus it could be the spider(web)s holding the bike together!
  19. Spray will kill the spiders but may not kill off the eggs. You need to autoclave the bike.

    Just wondering though, does anyone know what the effect of spraying insect killer on your disks is? I may not like spiders crawling out of my brakes while riding but I am a lot more nobrakephobic than spideyphobic.

    I'd be checking the brakes out gently before doing any serious riding.
  20. Park the bike in the garage, place an insect "bomb" underneath it, pop the top and seal up the garage for 24 hours. That should basically kill everything in/on the bike and most of the garage confines.

    I know you can buy those flea bomb cannisters for fleas. I'm sure there musr be a similar one for general insects.

    After that I'd spot spray with surface spray especially into the nooks and crannies. That will help drive out and keep away the nasties.