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Spiderman joins the UN

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by pro-pilot, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. Well it seems nothing is sacred in shielding the young from the propaganda driving the UN's agenda.

    There is a definite theme in attempting to link the heroic facets of a notional character and the key global drivers for UN’s positioning in the future.

    The idea is to distribute this through education centres, mostly Europe and the U.S. free to schools.

    Hopefully they are not going to try and distribute this junk here!

    If this is not in your face pre-conditioning,... well.


    U.N. joining forces with Spider-Man

  2. As aposed to Captan America who was compleatly created as Propaganda
    PP How about you stop and think for a second, because your constent bombardment of this garbage is just as much propaganda as what you are having a go at.
    I sugest you take Rog up on his collection.
    And I forgot Captan Planet, and Roger Ramjet, And Superman has already been used for UN Promotion before, And don't forget that Robotech had a Whole UN Thing going on, and Neon Genisis while we are at it...
  3. Yep, it's all here in its 8-bit glory:
    EDIT: apparently the "naughty-o-meter" doesn't like the word "d_i_c_k" but the link still works fine
  4. Didn't Diana Prince aka Wonderwoman and Diana Palmer aka Mrs Ghost-who-walks both work for the UN? (Hey!! They're both Diana ... coincidence or ... ? And Diana Palmer ... would that be one of Mrs Palmer's five daughters??? :LOL: )
  5. Who cares about spiderman anyway...

    he's one of the weakest super heroes of the lot :LOL:
  6. Captain Planet? He's my hero!
  7. Gonna take pollution down to zero
  8. Agreed, Spiderman is a little b!tch!
  9. Right wing radio has been quick to point out the errors of the UN but do nothing to highlight the good they do.

    The basic idea of the UN is something which should be reignited. To make it work they would need to remove the power of veto from the 5 permanent members of the security council.

    That is what is rooting the UN, but you don't here red-neck radio talking about that.

    The Phantom is the ghey one. I'd hate to see him in a room alone with Batman. That'd be R rated.

    Spidy'd kick those two poofters arses.
  10. Hey, I've got a spare 10 seconds ... why don't you give me a comprehensive rundown?
  11. Education programs in Africa, R@pe Counciling in the Solomans, Sanitation and Medical Facilities in Refugee camps all over the world, Wood Aid all over teh world. These are just ones that I can quote streight off the top of my head without any research.
    The UN Does get prety poor press from a lot of aid agencies because it is ineficient and buracratic, but it still does what it can within the confines of its structure.
  12. I accept the point, F-L, that there are some UN people who give above and beyond. I also accept that there are some (few) programs, particularly dealing with child welfare, that are worthy.

    However, I believe they are outweighed by the corruption (UN oil-for-food program; refugee bribes in Somalia) and bureaucratic ineptitude.

    To quote Lt. Col. Gordon Cucullu (former US army, now public speaker):

    This is, of course, just my personal opinion; others will no doubt disagree.
  13. So what do we do? Leave policing the world to the US? So far they have done a Bang up Job.
    Where are those weapons of mass destruction prey tell?
    And speaking of Iraq, They are doing such a great job of peace keeping and setting in place a stable government there arn't they...
    It's quite amusing to see content by someone who is Ex US Military talking about how the UN can't get it right when the Yanks have proved that they have NFI doing the same thing, and making the same mess.
  14. The UN will be places in the world, helping people when no single country in the world wants to be involved and when no media agency has even given a second look.
  15. Mate, I never have accepted, and never will accept, the UN as world police -- nor the USA for that matter.

    You mean like the UN troops in East Timor, who pulled up 200 metres short and left President Jose Ramos-Horta to bleed on the road for two hours, refusing to help?

    Look, I'm going to back gently away from this one, because I can see I'm not going to change your mind, and you sure as hell aren't going to change mine.
  16. Hey I am by no means saying they are the answer to all the worlds problems, and not saying they are perfect. But I am pointing out that PPs endless crusade against them is also completly out of proportion.
    Yes they can be improved but at the moment we don't have better alternatives.
    May i also point out that going into any "discusion with the view of "I'm not going to change your mind" is a very closed minded perspective and means you are not open to learning.
    i havn't so far seen reason to change my position, but do not hold that it can't be done.
  17. Not at all; we have diametrically-opposed opinions is all. I've reached mine after years of reading, discussing and even research. I hold it as a truth for me, at present. While I could change, it is highly unlikely to be as a result of discussion on the Interweb thingie.

    Besides, I'd rather talk about motorbicycles. :)