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Spider on the speedo

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by fruechtel, Mar 25, 2016.

  1. My son in law has gone on a 6 week holiday and asked me to take his Fatboy out for a spin once a week. Headed of towards Dayboro this morning, there are many good scenic roads to take from there. Barely made it halfway and checked the speedo when I discovered some movement there. There's a big fat orb the size of Arnold Schwarzenegger sitting there as if the bike belonged to him. Now I haven't got Arachnophobia, but this fellow was too big for my liking. I thought: what if he gets picked up and lands on my neck in the bottom of my helmet? Or disappears and comes back out god knows where?.
    Managed to stay cool and stop on the side of the road. The little f.....r had disappeared. What now? Abandon the bike with the key in it ( hoping someone will steal it) and walk back? Ring 000 and ask for a SWAT team?
    I gently checked through my clothing to make sure I had not already become his host, when I saw the little bugger on the ground walking away towards Dayboro. Got on the bike real quick and headed back, worried all the time that he might have brought a mate with him. Parked the Fatboy up and that is where it stays, even if the pistons rust in it.
    Afterwards I had to laugh at myself, but if it would have been my wife riding, there would have been a serious accident.

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  2. Geez if that was me i would have binned it!
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    Yes, I am well acquainted with the Golden Orb, when I slash the paddock I have to dodge them under every tree, but when they pop up on the bike they are not as easy to fight off. They thrive in Qld, but I just discovered on Wikipedia that the big ones are actually the females, so my passenger was most likely a lady.Not an Arnie after all, more like a Brigitte Nielsen. I suspect she will be thirsty by now and heading for the Dayboro Hotel. If there is a gentlemen out there who wants to pick her up and give her a lift, look on the left side of the road about 3-4 km from Dayboro near Rush Creek Road intersection.
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  4. Pick up a chick with 8 hairy legs.....
    Well ive brought home worse:whistle:
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  5. I am putting a cover and surface spraying a perimeter around my bike. I am guaranteed a hunstman will make a warm bed of my bike in the workshop. I hate them and pretty certain I drop the bike (after I stop of course) and just run.
  6. Just so long as she didn't turn up on the inside of your visor. That would take nerves of steel to stop in a controlled fashion.
  7. Don't stop open and close the visor to flush it out... unless your traveling at $1.50ish then slow to a less painful speed first.
  8. That's happened to me, closed my visor as I was leaving town, saw a huntsman sitting there. Just as well my close up eyesight is shot, it took me a while to realise that I wasn't looking at it's underbelly.
  9. I was going to make a sarcastic post about spiders not being a concern if you're wearing leather gloves, but then I googled golden orb spider.

    Fair play man, fair play. I'd like to think I would have picked the fukker up and calmly thrown him(or her) from the bike with my leather clad hands. More likely, I would have punched the speedo out.

    My spider story wasn't on a bike. Back when I was living in WA, taking a shower a Red Back climbed out the drain. I proceeded to turn shower off pretty quickly and down the little guy in about a litre and a half of bleach. Just wanted to make sure he didn't have a little family there ready to eat my feet next time I took a shower. Or whichever vulnerable parts were on display.
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  10. I remember when I was a teenager, my GF's gran asked me to get a huntsman out of her granny flat, sure I said, after all I am brave.......do you have a rag I can pick it up with? She hands me a pair of he knickers..........not sure what was scarier, the spider or the 80 year olds knickers!!!!!!
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  11. Makes me think of the old "waiter, waiter..." jokes ;)
  12. Ewwwww, I'm cringing at the thought
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    when I was a young dude I only had a bike, no car, so rain hail or shine I was riding to work. it got pretty cold in winter and I had a crappy old helmet so I used to wear a balaclava so my face wouldn't freeze off and I would still be able to talk by the time I got to work (Roselands to Taren Point).

    I was stopped at the lights on King Georges and Stoney Creek Rds when something crawled across my eye (yes on my eyelashes and eyelid), I freaked as I thought it was a spider. I brushed it off and it landed on the tank and quickly scurried to the underside - it was a pretty big huntsman (as you know they are ugly and they've got eight eyes). I don't know how I didn't drop the bike. it must have looked funny to the cagers, one second I'm sitting there being uber cool, the next I'm having some sort of spasm.

    I got to work and morteined the bike. next day I took the seat off and there he was. he got away from me again. spider 2 - me 0.
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  14. I have a few spiders living in the front of the DR650 time to time... They're my pets...

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  15. Golden, I have to go to hospital after laughing at that. I'm dying!