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Spider-Man 3

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by van, Jul 14, 2006.

  1. I dunno if any of you follow the superhero movies, but anyway. I've been reading comics since I was a wee lad and it's not showing any sign of stopping!

    Anyway, here's the poster for Spider-Man 3, due out July next year (ages away!)

    (Click here for a larger version.

    Others to keep an eye on are Transformers, The Hulk 2, Fantastic Four 2, Sin City 2, Batman (Begins) 2, and Hellboy 2.

  2. sin city was awesome....

    I remember when i was a kid and they brought out the richie rich movies.... I was so dissapointed cos he was so cool in the comics but the movies were crap :( :oops:
  3. Yeah but don't forget Claudia Schiffer.
  4. ghost rider should be pretty good...
  5. van you wouldn't have any connections to the marketing departments of these movies would you?
  6. Not directly, but I work alongside a lot of movie reviewers so I'm hooked up vicariously, so to speak ;)