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Spider Commute

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by conspiracytheorist, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. OK so when I parked my 125 a bit close to the bushes I should have seen this one coming..

    I get to work (about 40 minutes travel) and step into the elevator only to realise an unnecessarily large spider is perched on my left shoulder. WTF! I'm not great with spiders so I freak out and rip my jacket off as fast as possible as the spider scuttles away.

    Bloody thing must have been somewhere on/in the scooter and crawled up my back as I was going along.

    Not as disturbing as when a huntsman was living under my speedo for a few weeks. It liked to dangle its legs over the top just so I knew it was there.. sometimes crawling and just sitting on the speedo. Would have been interesting if I was pulled for speeding :-s
  2. One must ask, what do you consider a necessarily large spider to be?
  3. ....is there a legal definition??... :p
  4. KTM **** YeAH!
  5. Spiders..

    You cant go fast enough to blow them off your visor if theyre on the inside of your helmet..
  6. NFI, but was just wondering myself...

    Personally, it would be a spider large enough to instil fear and loathing, but not big enough to gang up and carry you off....
  7. It was unnecessary for that spider to grow so large.

    Daddy long legs are my preferred (and the necessary) size of a spider, those I dont mind.

    And holly, is that stuff supposed to keep the spiders away? I regularly park near bushes so its not a bad idea.
  8. OMG...I don't do bugs!!! Hate them all!!!

    Biggest fear is riding along happily until a spider/bug makes it way up the INSIDE of my visor...

  9. this one is unnecessary.

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  10. I take it that a smaller one would still have scared him just as much, and this one's size was overkill to accomplish the same.
  11. ....must be a "Wolf Spider".... :D
  12. Ta Chris, correct.
  13. That is one of the most unsettling photoshop's I've ever seen,.,,,,,, well done but.....urrrrggghhhhh!