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Spent a couple weeks on a 400kg Victory Vision megabike...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Loz, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. ...Thanks to Quik_Blat and the Victory Australia crew.

    It was quite an eye-opener, we made a video and put a review up on giz: http://www.gizmag.com/victory-vision-road-test-video-review/13694/

    (warning: we're no mighty mods!)

    TL;DR: it's f*cking heavy, but handles great and the motor is a balltearer. It really grew on me.
  2. Good write-up Loz. Not enough to make me want one, but maybe enough to make me stop laughing at the people who ride them.
  3. Good review loz,

    I like that you actually got out there and rode/pushed the thing a bit, not something many appear do when reviewing bikes like this.
  4. It does enjoy a good flogging... Pity the boss is risk-adverse and we can't show any of that footage!
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  5. There's the reason he likes it :rofl:

    It's built to eat up thousands of open-road miles with Harley-beating performance and buttock-coddling luxury
  6. Damn, I shouldn't have read that. Now I want one. A Vegas 8-Ball for preference. Fortunately my attention span is microscopic so it'll pass.
  7. Great write up and excellent video Loz, bet you had fun testing that monster, have you had a go at the Goldwing yet?
  8. It was a blast - as any one of the 15-odd clowns who jumped on the back for a spin at Saturday coffee can attest. Giggles all round. I haven't tried a Goldwing, no. They're 25kg heavier, a bit more powerful and all indications are that they handle well too.
  9. There's something really cool about these things. I love the design of them. Looks like something a kid in the 50's would pencil as a bike of the future.
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    Two years old, and I'm sure you've seen it, Loz, but here's a couple of Gold Wings carving up the twisties in the US; listen for the weight-reduction going on on the camera bike :LOL:.

  11. Yeah, that's the only reason I say they can handle. I've never seen one ridden beyond granny levels. I wouldn't mind having a crack!
  12. Years an' years an' years ago, Performance Bikes reviewed one of the early six pot 'Wings. The bloke who wrote the feature (Mark Forsyth IIRC) was a very fast kiddie indeed, with oodles of racing experience, including on the IoM. He claimed to be very impressed with the behemoth's handling, particularly on a long, after dark blast across Scotland and Northern England.

    Unless things have changed radically, I imagine the 'Wing is still capable of surprising a few people.

    Oh yes, and I'm glad I'm not the only one left who thinks running out of ground clearance is fun.
  13. What an interesting article.

    The styling is futuristic and the engine is impressive.

    It'll be the bike of choice if I were to do a across country tour of Australia or America.
  14. Well yeah, it's excellent fun as long as you're going slow! Last thing I need is to have a peg on the deck when I'm balls-to-the-wall and then find out the corner's a decreasing-radius jobbie! I've had two nasty stacks running out of ground clearance when the tyres had plenty of lean still to go!
  15. great video mate, even better reading real riders reviews who aren't all about sales =D>
  16. I like your movie voice. :)
  17. "but in a surprise twist, this retro-futuristic mammoth can actually handle surprisingly well to boot." What a surprising surprise...who writes this stuff?

    That aside, very nice vid and what a crackup of a bike!
  18. Looking at it puts me off food.
  19. I can certainly see why people like these things.
    I'll happily keep my 109 tho (y)
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    Some skill riders.