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Spending my stimulus money on the bike.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Tiger_grrrrl, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Looks like my $900 from Rudd will be going straight into the pockets of a mechanic. :(

    When I took the bike out for a ride during the week it was running pretty rough and even conked out once at the end of my street. Normally it doesn't like the cold weather, but it was reasonably warm during the week. I'm thinking maybe the carbie or spark plugs could be the issue, am I on the right track?

    While I'm at it I guess I'll get the mechanic to replace my chain and sprockets as they're about due too.

    How much money can I expect to part with and can anyone recommend a reasonably priced good mechanic (if they exist)?

    Cheers :grin:
  2. It really could be any number of fuel/electrical components.
    Guessing an estimate of cost would be futile.
  3. thats true... could be a couple of cactus plugs that cost nothing.. i will be spending my $900 on legal costs....
    nah bugger that ill spend it on a can and some other goodies that my legal costs have already robbed me of \:D/
  4. Hey dude, spend you money on good quality tools! DIY, you won't regret it!

    (Girls can be dudes too)
  5. Not much should go wrong with a 3 year old bike - but if the plugs have never been changed that'd be the most likely suspect. They don't last long on high revving 250s.

    Spark plug tool - about 8 bucks from any auto store
    2 spark plugs - about 10 bucks

    Cost at a mechanic - probably 200 bucks minimum since they'll undoubtedly waste time stuffing around with other things just so they have something else to bill you for.

    As above, save your cash and do it yourself (or ask nicely for another NR to help you).
  6. Yeah good point, I should look at some of the simpler things myself to see if they're the problem before handing her over to the mechanic. Unfortunately I won't have the time for about a month. Does anyone want to host a spanner night somewhere between the 16th and 19th of March?

    So I guess I can look at the spark plugs myself and my trainer also suggested that I should check my air filter too (though he rides a scooter, so what would he know :p ).
  7. Spark plugs for that bike should be 6 bucks each and the spark plug tool should be under the seat already.

    If you've never done it before and you are really slow it still shouldn't take more than an hour to do, so for the cost of 12 bucks you might as well change the plugs.
  8. +1 on change the plugs yourself, 10 minute job if you stop for a coffee. If that doesn't fix it, try draining the carbs, then go to the mechanic.
    Get someone who knows how to show you how to do the sprockets and chain, 1 hour tops, then you'll know how to get the back wheel off if you get a flat and you'll save some money. Its a great 'introduction to spanners' job and hard to stuff up.
    Good luck!
  9. I was gonna spend my $900 on a new exhaust... But then the fiancee wanted to buy a house!
  10. What size house? like this?


  11. :LOL:
    Nahh, were putting it towards a slightly larger one!
  12. :idea: