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Spend my money for me!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Teamsherman, Apr 24, 2013.

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    Hi folks,

    I have recently been promoted to an unrestricted rider and want to move on from my VTR250 onto a middleweight before i jump on a litre bike in the future of which i'll probably buy new at the end of the year so the bike i buy soon will be a stepping stone. I like the 2013 Z800's and Z1000's and will also test ride the 2013 Street Triple R as I've read alot of good things about them right here on the forum.

    I have sold my VTR250 for $4500, and will be adding about $500-1500 ontop from my own savings for a possible total of $6000 so essentially i can probably look at bikes around the $6500 mark to possibly talk the price down to my max budget.

    I am a huge fan of Naked bikes, and due to a dodgy back I cant sit on sports bikes in the slight hunched over position but find the upright position on most nakeds perfectly comfortable for me.

    I have test ridden a 2005 Kawa Z750 which I loved, and also a 2005 CB900 which I also liked but not as much as the Z750.

    What else out there should i look at test riding? I dont mind the look of the SV650's, XJ6N's, ER-6's and the FZ6/1000. *edit* I also really like the Honda CB600 too.

    Im not really sure on the last 4 I've mentioned, so if you own one can you give me a heads up on performance of them please?

    I will be mostly riding for fun as i have a car as my daily driver and will be looking at possibly a longer ride here and there, but usually no more than about 200klm's or so in a day. Although that may change as Im going to start riding with groups once I get the bigger bike.

    Cheers in advance!

  2. Bandit 1200/FZ1S/ZRX1200.

    Ride them, ride everything you can afford. Buy the one you like the most.
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  3. Check out the XJR1300. I started shopping around with a Street Triple R or mid-sized naked in mind, and keep coming back to the Bandit 1250 and XJR1300.
  4. He's probably looking at middle-weight options in the interim before he upgrades to a bigger bike towards the end of the year.
  5. Yep, you are correct Nak.

    Although I've spotted a few Z1000's at some good prices.
  6. I had an er6 for a few years. good first big bike. but the z750 will be a better bike, and I suspect the best out of what you're looking at.
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    Most of those bikes are way more than your budget, if there is one thing to learn is to not test something you cant afford, it will just make you unhappy.

    I like the sv650 for the handling and it has an awesome motor, but i havent owned it and only tested it, the z750 and the FZ6.
  8. Hornet 600? they are cheap as chips bru, and are a solid bike (hornet did like 150,000 on his afaik and sold it on to another NR and its still going) and are very comfy, my hornet 250 uses the same frame, seat, and general ergonomics, and i could ride it for 13 hours at a time no problems, besides a sore arse because the seat was old and the foam had lost its foamyness.

    Get one with a 17" front though, i think some of the early ones run a 16" and that limits tire selection.
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    Not completely true re the budget. Alot of the bikes I've mentioned sit between 5k and about 7k. I'm taking into account that alot of prices are never 100% firm and I can have a slight fudge factor in regards to bartering with private sales.

    Admittedly the bikes are in the higher K's range but the bikes I'm looking at are on my list cause of their reported reliability.

    I'm also now scrapping any V-twins off my list cause to be honest, I'm not a fan of the V-twin exhaust rumble.

    I'm inlove with the in-line roar and have always been. So the in-line cylinder sound is a deffinate must in what I settle on.
  10. Sorry embellished on "most" I was focusing on the 2013 bikes that you listed when I wrote that as you said that you would test ride them. Just saying that riding a new one then riding an old one won't make you happy. You are right the ER6, Z750, CB600, FZ6 will be had for in budget.
  11. VTR1000, the only drawback is the fuel consumption but as long as you won't commute it's fine :)
  12. hornet is literally the best value option for you, with the money saved you could buy a lot of beer, maybe get yourself some new riding gear if you skimped for your L's, touring luggage, the lot. or just put it on the mortgage.

    I highly suggest you at least test ride, with a pipe they sound great, they are just naked cbr600r's essentially.
  13. If you test ride them all, you'll probably realise they are all much the same with bit different seating, maybe different suspension feel. Japanese manufacturers don't have too much creativity. If it were my choice I'd go the SV. Great fun bike. At least try one before deciding.
  14. Test riding a 2003 Z1000 that's priced really well, too well in fact that I've slightly made up my mind already.

    I'll keep y'all posted.
  15. Put a deposit down on a '03 Z1000 today.

    The owner was nice to let me take it yesterday morning to lunch today to get a proper feel for it and his plan worked! I fell in love with it almost instantly! The ride position, the power on tap, the awesome braking and its great look got me almost instantly! I have ridden the 750 version and I loved that so the 1000 is even nicer!!

    The price was so good I couldn't pass it up!!

    Here's a few pics for your perusal!!

    IMG_1853_zpsab493368. [/URL]


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  16. Lose those DB killers and let the true sound come out asap :p

    Looks great though, enjoy!
  17. Yeah the current owner has said to take the baffles out on the longer harder rides to get her to sing!!
  18. if you take them out then put them back in make sure you secure them properly, my mate had his baffle shoot out the back of his pipe while he rode over the bridge one day. even though it was a huge biatch to wedge it into the pipe, the force was not enough and without the screw pow out the back it went :p
  19. Your planning on upgrading again in 6 - 8 months right?

    Combine both upgrade budgets and get a new(ish) naked litre bike now if that's what you see yourself ending up with by the end of the year.