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Spencer replica

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by ninja1, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. I am planning a budget rebuild of a Honda cb 900f with a freddie spencer theme. I plan on doing 99% of the work myself in my garage.I have read other threads and thought I would have a crack!
    Attached is a picture of the old bird as she came to me. IMG_2046.

  2. stage 1

    Now that Im getting the hang of uploading the pics things should be a little easier!
    First stage is to degrease and wash the bike and have a good look around it.I fitted some new plugs,oil,filter and fuel and turned it over.It starts but is very rough and not very responsive. IMG_2110.

  3. Huh? You're going to paint a cardigan on it?

  4. :rofl:
    That's Frank Spencer you nutter. :LOL:
  5. Thanks for telling him.
  6. Start to strip down, I want to remove the motor then concentrate on the rear end as I will be fitting late model wheels and will need to change the swing arm to allow for new wheel width.

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  7. I picked up a swingarm from a cb 900 hornet. I need to maintain the original wheel base, so I had to modify the hornet swingarm to suit. Also, i still want to run the twin rear shock set up so I needed to remove mono shock mount and add new pivot points.

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  8. Swingarm assembled and cbr 900 rear wheel in place. A lot of offsetting was reqired to align wheel to the old bol dor frame.

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  9. Hornet swingarm installed into frame.I machined up new pivot axel and spacers to suit.It actually fits in quite well, after all those years there was only a few mm in difference in the two swingarms!

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  10. Ive adapted an sp1 honda rear brake caliper and modified the swingarm caliper block to work. I also added in a support brace, but not sure if that will stay at this stage.

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  11. Looking good.

    The only problem you have that I can see is there's not enough crap all over the floor. :bolt:
  12. The rear tyre looks like it is touching the back of the swingarm, how much clearance do you have? Will it be enough to adjust the chain?

    Sweet job on that swingarm though, looks pretty in there.
  13. had a few of those back in the day
  14. Yeah its very tight, but I will have enough adjustment.Also the wet tyre is a higher profile to the one planned. I was hell bent on not changing the wheelbase, there long enough as is!
  15. Have removed the motor and had it soda blasted. It came out super clean but did leave a lot of powder inside.
    Now time for the rebuild.
    Ive got new rings, cam chain tensioner,big ends,main bearings plus I will regrind the valves and reseat them.

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  16. Looking good so far!
    If you've gone to a wider swing arm to fit the tyre, then I guess your sprocket is more offset than the original. How do you get the chain to line up? Can you offset the front sprocket enough with a shim?
  17. Yes thats right you run out of room pretty quick as the wheel position cannot change. I machined the carrier as much as possible and will have to offset the front sprocket to now match.
  18. Well now that the motor is out I will start on the front end.
    I could go for a set of late model u.s.d forks with radial brakes but it is not the look Im after.I want to retain the original look as much as possible.I have decided to go for a set of cbr 1000 f forks from a 93 model.They are very similar in length to the old ones but are 41mm od as opposed to the 34 mm od original toothpicks.

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  19. Wow looking good my man.
    Is that a custom made engine stand? I like it ! :)

    I'm doing my build backwards -> get it running and built then full stripdown, engine clean/paint, frame paint and rebuild...Just made more sense to do it that way to me.
  20. Yeah, I made up the engine stand as I new it would be out of the frame for a while and I wanted something strong and firm. What are you starting on? Do you plan on posting your build on this forum?