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spenaroo's new lady

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by spenaroo, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. here she is,
    2001 yzf-r6

    the number plate shows how i feel about this bike,
    (and this really was purely by chance, had to put a new plate on, and this is what was given to me)
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  2. That's a great looking bike mate. You'll have heaps of fun on it!

    Time for an Akrapovic though.
  3. Congrats Dude! (y)

    So this is the machine. :p Looks awesome.

    Will have to see it sometime soon then. Love the plate. :p
  4. Very nice, gratz (y)
  5. I cant see the pic either but congrats on the upgrade

    I can see !!! lol

    Nice bike :) now you WILL behave, right? RIGHT !! lol
  6. Love the plate, like the bike. Hate the pipe.

    All in all, nice man.
  7. Nice bike man, love the colours
  8. cheers,
    ive swapped the image hosting site for the first pic,
    was trying a different site (quicker to use). but looks like its not that great

    and the muffler is certainly not going anywhere...
    1.) its an arrow
    2.) its a full system i beleive, (note the color of the pipe, same all the way to the headers and one peice. completely different material to the 2001 wr250f i have)
    it may not look the best, but it has an incredible sound. and performance to match
  9. Nice work Spen, looks a little peach of an R6. Nice plate too!
  10. Great bike, that muffler is ugly though, actually takes your eye away from what is a neat looking bike. But what do I know. Enjoy.
  11. wow ,Looks like she`s been in a time capsule , nice find


    noticed the same wheels as the trixxer , but they moved the back brake on top and changed the footpegs by 2001. nice

    learn something every day
  12. nice bike enjoy and the muffler aint that bad
  13. ..can't beat an R6 for Fun Factor!... nice looking machine!.. enjoy!... (y)
  14. .. nioce looking ride .. keep the pipe it sorta suits the older chubbier style of the bike
  15. Lovely bike Spencer.....well done mate (y)
  16. i thought i would.....
    till i decided to see what it accelerated like...

    the mechanic said take it easy (i work with him, and i told him its the first big bike ive ridden, except for big bore thumpers) told me its not too bad, and the power will start at around 8k rpm....

    he was right, at 8k the magic happens and the bike changes, as she screams like a banshee, and pulls like one. it took me a while to find a gripping point with the tank, and it still pulls me back when it hit's..... then after a bit more i decided i had to go to redline. wow, its got another kick in acceleration at around 13k...

    so im now finding myself comfortable doing $120 around corners id usually take at $80 with the VTR.
    and the r6 has brand new tyres on it....

    this bike is on a totally other level to anything ive ridden, its awesome.
    but im now worried for my licence.... so hard to keep it under 140 on the eastlink.... (i broke the ton today on the way home:angel:) not to mention 80k zones... (cracked the throttle to overtake a slow car... got to 140 before i was round it)
  17. yeah they come alive around 8500rpm dont they? before that you just cruise around but at that it just wakes up.

    have you got on a 120/60 front tyre or 120/70? they came out with 120/60 but a 120/70 sharpens up the front end more, just gotta watch when you pick up stones with a hot front tyre, they will scrape on the front guard :(

    i have a speedo healer sitting around somewhere for your bike, i dont know if you want it or not. but its no good to me.
  18. Nice bike mate, exhaust must sound sick, dont know why people are hating on it, any exhaust from any brand would draw your eye just as much to it, its the consequence of a low mount exhaust, they inherently dont look that great, but yours looks decent and arrow is a good brand, not that brand really matters when its just some metal sheeting and some tube.

    But yeah, must be a good feeling getting on a real bike, **** i am keen for my lams to expire.
  19. I wasn't hating on the exhaust mate, in fact I used the wrong word when I said ugly I meant overpowering I guess. Anyway, the bike is great, I'd park it in my shed any day.
    There was a guy on here a few weeks back that rode one of those, on second thoughts we won't talk about him.