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spenaroos dreaming thread

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by spenaroo, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. basically ive been on my l's for around 6 months. and really need to get my p test done (mixture of no time or money atm) but i cant help and dream what my next bike will be. i love my vtr and still have a few ides for it. its fast enough for now... but my favourite pastime is figuring out what is next

    i keep coming back to the VTR sp1 or sp2. shure ive had considerations of buells, triumphs and even a certain duke. but i keep coming back to the vtr except for one idea

    many people are making cafe racers from trail bikes. but what about something more modern? i like the 450gp idea. only i would like to take a 450gp kit and put it on a road registered 450. most if it looks to be bolt on, of course a little work will be needed to add lights in the fairings etc.. however its been done before to re-register track bikes. i think it has potential to be make one sweet light road bike. all the fun of a motard only without it being well a motard.

    is the idea insane????? part of me thinks yes. the other part just looks at the performance figures and weight.

    anyone else had this idea????
  2. My opinion is that, apart from easier engine maintenance, you might as well get a lightweight cheap inline 4...
    By putting on that kit, you will take away a few things that road registered trail bikes have:
    *Cheapness to drop.
    *Ease of maintenance (you will have to take fairings off which takes time...)
    *Rugged appearance/handsomeness/coolness. Why would you want to make a trail bike look like a sports bike? You just take away the rustic charm that road going trail bikes have.
    *Upright riding position.
    *Off-road-going ability.
  3. Common sense... forget the new bikes, get your licensing done and get it out the way. From there, you are a lot closer to a lot more options as well.

    If you don't have the time or money for a test, then I'd be wondering how you would have it for a new bike?

    You have to do the test within 9 months regardless - not a new bike though.
  4. true true,
    thus the thread title.... its a dream
    i thought the idea could use some discussion though....
    and by the time i upgrade i wont be on apprentice wages

    kernel, part of what your missing is the point of bieng different and unique, with performance to match
    and an upright riding style......... its a bike for me.......
  5. dude, modified madass

    get a cheap one for like what i got mine for ($1500<) and put a big engine in and BAM supermodels everywhere.
  6. dont u have to have your P's for a year after your L's before u can upgrade anyway??
  7. yep.... said that in forst post, its dreaming of the next bike, even though ive got 12 months to go..... funny thing is, this would be lams legal as long as i didnt put the high compression pistons in

    though ive seen some cheap vf1000's on ebay. a bit more affordable then an sp1, and a vf1000r would be a nice project bike
  8. If you like the SP1 - SP2, try a FireStorm. They sound wicked with a pair of Staintunes. The SV1k is nice, but I'd steer clear of the TL1kR.
  9. not a fan of the firestorm..... dont like that half naked look... though ive seen some with cowlings to make it look full faired. rather an sp1-sp2 though. its got a bit more status/history behind it.
  10. A modern 450 probably wouldn't do the km without a lot of rebuilds. This is why you only see people cafeing older bikes.

    I would wait till next May to buy a big bike and pick up something, bikes are cheaper in Winter. In the meantime get a postie or madass to rebuild on the cheap and learn. You don't want to wreck an expensive bike on your first project.
  11. already got an 1986 xr250 as a project bike and doing the off road dutys,
    what can i say, i prefer older bikes
  12. So this is just a mental exercise, yeah I hear you....I have the same issue. I am always thinking of the next bike.

    Every few weeks or so I will be lusting after a different bike . I think it is an addiction. Since Jan, I have owned 7 different bikes. 8 if you count the postie I gave to a friend last year but didn't get the money for till last month. I am trying to go cold turkey at the moment, no new bikes......I hope I can last till Xmas.

    There is a lot of interesting learner bikes that come up for sale, get one of those to feed the addiction till next year when you are off restrictions.
  13. mmm yeah as soon as i buy a bike my first thought is "what bike should i get next?"

    It's a serious problem, but an awesome problem.