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Speling misteaks in bike ads!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by i_cruise, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. I'm currently hunting for my next machine and have been on bikesales.com most evenings for the last week. I'm not saying this would put me off a sale if the bike was exactly what i was after, but man there are some crimes against the english language on there.

    Some ads were clearly written by international students which is fair enough, but some ads written by dealers are nearly as bad! It's no big deal, but has anyone else found that it plants the seed of doubt in your mind as a potential buyer? Let me know what youse all think.

  2. oh no

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  3. Wouldn't put me off buying a bike from someone. Good grammar doesn't seem to be a priority to many people these days anyway.
  4. People in glass houses.............
    You mean spelling mistakes, not speling misteaks, right?:applause:
    P.S. I know, I know. You did it on purpose. LOL
  5. No, but he did mean spelunking instead of speling :cheeky:
  6. I sold some bicycle bits on ebay recently. This was one of the questions i was asked.

    Think he might have come off his bike once too often.
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  7. i meant to write Sp33ling... thats heaps gooder
  8. Obviously the lycra is too tight....
  9. I must say for me it makes the add look a bit dodgy. If it was exactly what I wanted I'd still check it out.. but it can be a bit worrying.
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  10. If you can't be arsed to spell properly when trying to sell your bike, I'm not going to bother even reading it.

    Some of the bikesales and eBay ads are really terrible and in my opinion lazy.
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    At least you got ads right in the title..... Something netriders have really struggled with.

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  12. I like these idiots, it makes my bike more appealing to buyers.
  13. Yes, terrible spelling and grammar would stop me from looking at a bike. A few mistakes slipping in are ok, but it’s normally pretty clear when someone just can’t be bothered. When you’re trying to sell a vehicle, you’re the one who benefits most from communicating clearly. If that fact isn’t self-evident to you, then I don’t trust you to maintain a motorcycle. If you can’t use sentences, then I definitely don’t trust you to maintain a motorcycle.

    Besides terrible spelling and grammar, some unforgivable errors are:

    Not providing any details.
    Only providing details that are subjective assessments (eg “goes really fast, smokes the other bikes!”).
    Tiny pictures, only one picture, or pictures that only show the bike from one side
    Listing the bike’s model incorrectly in the ad title or not listing the model at all (eg “Honda 250 motorbike”).
    Listing the year of manufacture outside the time frame in which that model was produced.
    Asking for a stupid price that shows you have no idea what your machine is worth. A >20 year old CBR250RR is not worth six and a half thousand, even if that’s what you paid for it. You’ll be quite lucky if you get half that.

    These features are doubly unforgivable when the seller is a dealership, because these people are in the business and should know a thing or two about communicating with potential buyers.
  14. What happens when an educated, well spoken and written person tries to write centrelink?

    The grammar is often correct and typos painfully forced to resemble not having a job.

    Try harder fellas :)
  15. Hooray, somebody who can spell "arse".
  16. Not so much a spelling mistake, but those people who seem obsessed with putting an apostrophe before an "s," especially when the word is just a plural: I got my brake's and tyre's done on my bike today, stop's great now :roll:
  17. Don't go there. Please. :facepalm:
    It's been done to death on NR a thousand times. If Smee sees it...:bolt:
  18. I hate it when the ad title says more than 1 brand of motorbike/car/etc. e.g. "Honda Cbr250RR Fireblade Lams Approved not ninja hyosung suzuki Tyga Kit BEST!!" from the ad jack1313 posted. Even if you're only searching the term suzuki his bike will show up even though it's "not ninja hyosung suzuki"
    If I'm searching for something on ebay, gumtree, etc. I want that brand and that brand only, not your bike that isn't the brand/model I'm looking for.