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Speedy sports tourer options?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by thegutterpoet, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. After my latest long distance ride, a 500km round trip within 36 hours, I am for the first time considering a move away from the super sports offerings. My 07' R6 in perfect condition is a wonderful devil steed. Unbelievably quick, amazingly agile, braking and cornering superb, a warrior for short distances, as fast as anything I come across when ridden as it demands...hard. I find great joy in its never-ending pace and ability to throw it into and through the smallest of gaps. It is also sublimely swift from a standing start. However, this beast was designed for the track, clearly. Riding hundreds of miles at high speed is not fun, only agony. And as I seem destined to take more trips out of the city, hopefully with my apache poetess goddess tightly wrapped around me, the idea of comfort is dawning upon me and taking root.

    Before the 07 r6 I had for many moons a 99' r6. Before which a wonderful 99' cbr600f. Is that cbr classed as a sports tourer? It was fine for riding 100 miles through motorway and countryside. Or perhaps I was simply younger, so my sinew was not so addled and drained by high speed riding long distance?

    I am tentatively seeking something closer to the old cbr600f. Something with power and agility, not too far off the supersports routine, yet with a more comfortable ride.

    My initial research has led to peeking at the 650 ninja and yamaha fz6r. Both of which seem to lack the speed...or do they?

    Can anyone kindly suggest other bikes I could consider?

    Pace, agility, braking, comfort...so whatever is basically supersports performance in a more comfortable riding position, 600-1000cc. The lighter the better.

    Any advice id greatly appreciated.

  2. Yamaha FZ8S
    Honda VFR800

    Or you could just mod your R6 into a sports tourer. Bar risers, more forgiving rearset, maybe a cushier seat.
  3. You want the bike that has yet to be invented.

    All are a compromise in one way or another. 500km on an R6 is not that far, particularly over more than 1 day.
    You just can't have the cake, not all of it and to eat it too.

    There are a number of supremely comfortable bikes far quicker than the R6 could hope to be, still fairly nimble but they are not light. They offer much more comfort for your pillion too and that should be a serious consideration, because a whinging pillion will make an unhappy rider. They will offer more usable endurance both in terms of fuel over the R6 despite being twice the capacity and somewhat heavier.

    All good things but, not perfect.
  4. I would love to maintain the madness of my R6. How much would the mods you speak of set me back and would they offer considerably more comfort?
  5. Well I guess I am seeking something with not hugely less berserker potential, with much more comfort? Surely there are options...
  6. Zx14
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  7. What you're looking for is an answer to a question noone's asking. It takes money and effort to make a bike really lightweight, which is wasted if you were to then put on a bigger fuel tank and reinforced frame for serious luggage mounting (not to mention the luggage itself). Which is why sports tourers tend not to be featherweights.

    Come to think of it though, have a look at the Yamaha MT09 Tracer. It's a bit heavier than the base MT09 but still pretty light for a sports tourer.

    How long is a piece of string? Each individual mod could range from a $50 ebay job to a few hundred for a big-brand CNC-machined masterpiece. As for comfort, you need to think about your ergonomic needs and work out what you want to achieve.

    This tool might be a good place to start.
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  8. I'm going to suggest the Suzuki GSX-S1000F, it's basically a GSXR-1000 from a couple of years ago with a more comfortable riding position and it's got 160ps for you to have fun with.

    The Kawaski Ninja 1000 for an honourable mention (less power but IMHO better styling) and there is an option for rear panniers for those extended weekend trips.
  9. Yamaha Tracer could be a goer? Power and light-weight... Tour-able and slightly more upright and wind-protected than the mt-09.
  10. Ninja 1000 mate
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  11. How about an FZ6 or FZ1? Same engine down tuned with more comfortable ergos.
  12. I'm a bit biased but a VFR800 is worth a look.
  13. What about considering the new CBR650f? I know I want a sport tourer and this is well and truly high on my list.
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  15. That went how I pretty much would have predicted. MT09 has the torque and bottom end, R6 has the upper. As soon as the MT09 rider figured how to keep his power going without lifting the wheel he won easily....though much longer and the R6 was catching quickly.
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  16. Yeah - I'd like to see how the Tracer goes with its fairing - hopefully better?

    Makes me want to ride one to find out :)
  17. Good list

    I'd go the ninja 1000. But i dont have to consider the pillion. If i did i would go k13 or viffer12 ftw
  18. Cheers for all the suggestions. I clearly have much more research to plough through in the garden as I dance with the vodka vixen.

    The fz 09 appears a wonderful, brutal option...though not many around here in Australia, as they only appeared 2014? perhaps a little out of my price range.

    The VFR seems definitely worth consideration.
  19. FZ09 = MT09

    Heaps around and very good value for money in my opinion.
  20. The MT09 has been around for a year or two but the Tracer model only arrived this year. Both are pretty good value if your means allow, the Tracer probably being closer to what you want.

    Of course, that's not to say you couldn't make a perfectly viable sports tourer out of a 2nd-hand MT09 with some well-chosen modifications - windscreen, luggage, handguards etc. You might also want some suspension work if you want the handling alactrity of your R6.