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Speedway motorcycle and sidecar meets

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by NSSherlock, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. Geez I miss these.
    Having seen guys like Ivan Mauger, Ole Olson, Hans Nielsen, Billy Sanders, Phil Crump etc etc etc ..... race in the earler days of Jerilderee Park / Newcastle Motordrome before the track was set up with clay and banked to suit "cars" more I really miss some of the spectaculr racing bike (and sidecar) meets would provide. I think the last time I saw Speedway bikes race live was at Newcastle showground.

    Does anyone follow Speedway bikes?

    I've heard there's a solo track nearer where I am on the Gold Coast somewhere but never see it advertised. Time to chase it up me thinks.
  2. Archerfield is the track your thinking of, I used to watch Speedway there,
  3. Archerfield / BIS I sometimes head to for other meets. Will hopefully be there for the Aust Super Sedan title in a month. It would have been tops when they could run Solos and Sidecars there.

    I *think* there is smallish Solo only track on the GC.
    Found it from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_dirt_track_ovals_in_Australia#Queensland
    "Gold Coast Speedway

    Gold Coast


    500cc Solos, 350cc Solos, Sidecars, Junior Solos, Junior Sidecars"

    http://www.speedway.net.au/07_Tracks.asp?TrackId=158 gives it at "MIke Hatcher Park, Southport"

    320m is tiny.

    Now to find out when a meet is on.

    Looks like Brisbane Exhibition Ground and Pioneer Park (Ayr) are the only other tracks in Qld that do Solos and sidecars now.