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Speedway and learning to ride,

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by deadman, May 15, 2012.

  1. Its not racing and its not learners, so I stuck it in here,

    Just a few Piccys from the internet that I found,

    I started learning on one of these at 15 years old,

    I had every thing except a decent motor, JAP motors were 500 Quid back then, Too much money for an apprentice,
    My 500 AJS was not competitive, So after a couple of years I never proceeded with it. and gave it away,

    Did I learn to ride, You betcha, But I learnt to fall off properly before I could actually ride it,
    Falling off these is very common, Just dont hit the fence, That can be Terminal,

    My bike ended up riding down the back roads on gravel. No Brakes, No Gears,
    I had fun on that AJS for years till I got my Bonnie,
    I also rode a Honda 305 Super Sport for a while, It exploded in flames,

    I did ride my Brother in laws JAP, That thing went like stink, He was an A grade Rider,

    None of these bike have I ridden or owned,

    Its just to show how I learned to ride Motor cycles,


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  2. Awesome. Speedway riders are nuts, especially when you see situations where one rider is literally underneath another one, all while sliding and turning a corner lol.
  3. Speedway is so cool. Is there anywhere around where you could learn to ride these things?

    The only thing crazier is the ice equivalent, where the riders have to wear the chain armor like an old knight
  4. Ice speedway you have spiked tyres, Very fast and no slippy's,

    You also get a row of holes in you if you get run over while racing, But its great fun,

    One rider I know, retired from A grade competition at 64,
  5. I've always had a liking for speedway bikes. They're about the minimum combination of engine, two wheels and a frame that you can put together that will actually work. I'm quite keen on speedway sidecar outfits too. Methanol burning GSXR1100 power and no brakes :twisted:.

    I gather that there's a speedway school in the UK who offer 1-2 day courses, starting folk off learning to slide on DT125Rs and progressing through to a go on a serious bike.

    As for ice racing, I suspect there's a reason why all the top competitors are mad Russians :twisted:.
  6. Now I see why you know your stuff. Speedway. You either get fairly good at it fairly quickly, or you get hurt a lot.

    I've never ridden a proper slider, which I regret. It's something I'd love to have done. Too late now. I can begin roadracing at 50 (and just have) but I don't bounce well enough any more to do that stuff.
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  7. Kinda like a sandwich steak?