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SpeedTriple vs Super Duke vs Tuono vs Monster

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Tristo, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm currently weighing up my options around the purchase of a new naked streetbike.

    I've listed the above euro bkes and am looking around the $18-22k price range.

    Hav heard and read lots of good things about the Speed Triple, however i havent ridden any bike yet.

    Interested to hear everyone's view on the matter.. realise that there will be a few different points of vew.


  2. Ridden 'em all, owned a S3.
    The Tuono is the fastest and most powerful. With aftermarket pipes it's a total beast. Out of the box, I think the suspension's a little unforgiving.
    Superduke is wild too, with a charismatic super-responsive engine and intuitive, almost spooky suspension and handling. Bit impractical, though.
    For a Monster to run in this company it needs to be one of the liquid cooled S4 family, and in that form it feels almost silky smooth compared to the other twins. Same with the ride, but I never managed to get it out of shape (wuss?).
    Speed triple ticks all the boxes, except maybe for pillions. That motor. Sometimes I wake in the middle of the night and I can still hear the echoes of that triple wailing in my dreams...

    None of them will disappoint you. Ride 'em all and just pick the one that appeals to you most.
  3. Monster 1100:
    My pick. Yes it is the lowest powered set of wheels on your list but there is a problem I’ve experienced with big HP nakeds running flat ‘bars. The engines are always asking for more, but the wind blast & ergos can make it all seem too much effort.

    The Duke & Tuono: I’ve had a short test ride on a Duke 3 years ago & a Tuono just before that , I found the FI twins kinda jerky & around town can work against the fun. They’re also sprung pretty firm too, so Aussie B-roads at a good clip comes across like trying to break in a horse.



    Not sure of the triple at all.


    Hey there is a Ducati Street Fighter – heard it was kinda economical of fuel…

    To be honest though, I would really recommend a test on each, even if it’s hard to arrange. You’ll walk away with a definite favorite, maybe even an unlikely favorite.
  4. I just got myself an ex-demo speed triple ... mostly for urban warfare not track or twisties and I loooooove it. It is a like a big cat ready to pounce when I say go and it purrs so nice.

    The others have already made a lot of good points on the pros and cons of some of the other bikes. The only one I have not ridden is the Tuono. The superDuke especially was lovely and while it put a big smile on my dial it was a bit pricier and in the end I preferred the triple to the twin. The monster, again, you pay a premium (new and second hand) but you do get some nice kit and they look hawt.. While looking I did not find any "bargain" Monsters..

    Anyway.. as the mantra goes.. sit it on em... rev em.. ride 'em... even stop and lights and see the reaction of the crowds of adoring fans...

    As stated, unless you track 'em you wont push any of them beyond what they can do.. especially if kept fully naked so it becomes a lot more about your own comfort, how you like to use the machine and what styling cues you like from the factory...

    I do love the look of that Ducati streetfighter posted above.. rawwrrr..
  5. What about a Suzuki B-King?
    Runs the same motor as a hayabusa GSX1300R but in naked form

    Its got a sort of 'batman wannabe' look to it, but despite what some people say, I kinda like it
    Would definitely rather this over a 'busa


  6. I went for a Monster 1100 as it is the most agile of the lot. But 2 months later I bought a Streetfighter and the Monster now sits there unused. So if anyone is interested in buying an almost brand new Monster 1100 that has done 1500km and bought in May, let me know. Save yourself a few grand.
  7. It seems the Tuono is not selling well here, dealers are stuck with 2008 model that no one interested in. I was told 2009 model never make it here because there's no change from 2008. Rumor has it that 2010 will see an all new Tuono, so I guess now you can get one at a good price (if you really like it).
  8. Tuono was never going to be a top seller at early 20's on road. They are an awesome bike. Out of the box they work very very well, but they aren't a commuter.

    Do whatever you need to do, but personally going for the Tuono after a lifetime of IL4 sportsbikes was the best move I've ever made. It makes a genuine 120rwhp, all of which is accessible. It has a sports bike chassis with suspension to match (along with a host of after market goodies). Beautifully designed, it has looks that divide opinion. Deyago has a Gen1 for an another viewpoint.

    If you can't get the Tuono, the Superduke is the next bike I'd have. Quick, quirky and appeal to the same type of owners. Bamm-Bamm has one and loves his.

    M1100 is a great looking machine. It only makes 95hp (IIRC), but who cares when it's all there immediately for the taking. None of this Japanese 'we have tuned it for more mid range' guff. But with a V-Twin you do have some mid range to spare. If you get the M1100 you're buying a brand and accept that it will require serious bling. That $20k is the start point for that bike.

    The Triumph looks a great bike, but I think the headlights need a serious work-over.
  9. I'll chime in with my 2 cents worth...

    Street Triple: A lovely motor and great brakes, a bit cramped legs wise but overall comfortable. One thing I think lets is down is the bars are way to narrow, the lack of leverage makes the bike feel heavy and slow to change direction...my first mod would be some wider bars. The egine is an absolute cracker though, soooo smooth and grunty!

    Tuono: Never ridden one, was geed up to ride Ceejays but the prick moved to QLD:cry:, I do know he loves it though, great brakes and suspension, useable power and comfortable...apparently they are quite a stiffly suspended bike but most of the Euro hi po nakeds are... Ceejay I'll be in Cairns early December I may have to take you up on that test ride:angel:

    Ducati: I have a recent pommy bike magazine review at home that tested the

    Monster 1100
    Speed Triple
    Brutale 910?
    Buell 1125CR
    KTM Superduke
    Motor Morini Corsaro
    and maybe another...

    The over riding opinion of the Ducati was that it was a beautiful handling bike, the comparative lack of power made for an easier bike to ride as it was less likely to bite...from memory they rated it very highly, for comfort, suspension and brakes they just wished it had a few more HP

    Superduke: I'll admit my bias right now and tell you I love mine to death, she is my "other woman", the devil on my shoulder who tells me I should do naughty things:twisted:

    This bike is known for a having a snatchy throttle which makes it a bit of a pain round town but you soon get used to it, you can of course greatly reduce it by getting some after market pipes and a remap with the Akrapovic tune(which any self respecting twin owner should do anyway), also the new models have a 16 tooth sprocket which helps a great deal.

    The brakes and handling are absolutely first rate, a touch stiff for bumpy back roads but you can still crack on, and on the smooth stuff it is sublime, stability is fantastic, and while it has a steep steering head angle (steeper than most true sportsbikes in fact) and changes direction with ease, you have to be pretty ham fisted to get some head shake.

    The footpeg position is extremely comfortable and you can do 500k plus days without much discomfort, the only failing with mine is fuel range... a max of about 200k's per tank, at least a new one will have a bigger tank than mine( 07's onwards have bigger tanks)

    The Superduke won the magazine review I mentioned above so it is one worth test riding thats for sure, I chose mine because it's a hairy chested naked bike with top shelf suspenders and brakes while still being comfortable, not a "tuned for more midrange" commuter bike.

    It's not perfect and can be challenging to ride fast but to me thats part of it's attraction, the grins per k are off the scale though, I have ridden quite a few bikes and never fail to crack a smile when I ride her, she is simply FUN!

    In 35,000 k's I've had to replace a clutch slave cylinder(15 min job), other than that she has run like clockwork, she has an appetite for tyres though...must be a twin thing

    In the end it's your decision and you only have to justify your choice to yourself, either way your going to have a ball test riding all these bikes!
  10. Thanks so much to everyone who has posted. Its been very interesting reading! I'm going to try and ride all bikes, even though its likely to be a logistical nightmare.. I'll definitely send through some updates on how i go..
  11. Hey Bamm-Bamm, what tyres are you running? From memory the SD has almost the light-switch steering of my SM, and I'm trying to stay away from the really sharp-steering rubber.
  12. Parts and unknowns are going to be an issue for the Superduke and the Tunono. I can't believe I'm going to write this, but the Duck and the Trumpy are the more reliable and cheaper bikes (to maintain).
  13. With a direct factory presence here rather than an importer, KTM really make sure that their bikes are supported warranty and parts wise. I've owned 5 KTMs dirt, motard and road and I've fallen, slid, crashed and high sided them at various times (on dirt and on track) and have never had a problem getting parts.

    Loved my SD for the couple of years I owned it - unless your doing a lot of touring, I found it a hell of a lot of fun.

    Good luck.
  14. Then there's the Moto Morini Corsaro.

  15. Hey Titus,

    I'm running BT-016's at the moment, pretty good tyres but longetivity is probably not going to be so good...the seem to have a different profile to the Pilot Powers I have run previously so they don't tip in as quick.

    They are really confidece inspiring, especially the front, if you commute pick something else but If you value grip above tyre life they are worth the coin.


  16. I can't believe it either... mine has been next to perfect

    35,000 hard kays and a clutch slave cylinder is all, had the part in 2 days. The servicing is not too bad at all about $280 for a minor and $500 for a major inc valve clearances.

    Reliability, parts and service wise I don't think you would be able to pick one over the other.
  17. Anyone have a recommendation on a place to test ride a KTM in Melbourne? There used to be a KTM dealer in Richmond, however i understand Peter Stevens has bought them out and is going to be another distributor..
  18. I have a 2002 tuono with the evo titanium race pipe and chip and a power commander, goes extremely well. They thump badly below 3k rpm but all twins do. Also, I can never understand how people say that the Tuona has a massive amount of bottom end???? Sure it feels muscular but a zrx1200 has a big bottom end. The big power hit for the Aprillia arrives at 6K when it throws the front wheel in the air! Suspension is all top notch, did I mention the ohlins steering damper? As for spare parts, have a look on AF1racing.com, full exploded views with all parts available.

    I test rode the older model of speed triple and the engine just felt a bit bland compared with the tuono. You can feel the power pulses at idle from about 8feet away from the T :cool:

    Go ride an aprilli with a pipe on it and you wont stop giggling. (I imagine the same goes for the KTM) Gets about 200k from 14 or 15lt of spirited riding.

  19. I've had my black Superduke for about 3 months now, covered over 4000 km's on it and absolutely love the bike! So much more comfy to ride - felt like a big dirtbike and I couldn't wipe the grin off my face (and still cant!), though my riding skill is not upto really pushing the bike yet.

    Noticed the difference when I took it up to the MotoGP a few weekends ago with my g/f on the back as pillion, on my old Fireblade I'd have back soreness after a couple of hour ride, but on the SD I was fine.

    Its at the point now where I cant stand having to drive my car to work on the odd occasion where I need to transport something or have meetings etc.

    I too, was going to look at a few nakeds, I took the SD for a test ride at Vision Motorsports in Ferntree Gully, then backed up another test ride at Zagames and I was sold...didn't go near any other bike.

    got a crazy deal on an brand new 08 with extra akra's, alarm, seat, screen.

    Like Bamm Bamm said, biggest issue you hear of is a very sensitive throttle and low rpm fuelling 2-4k rpm, for me fuelling was fixed once I got Akra's and remap done through Zagames at my first service.