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Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by blergen, Sep 7, 2014.

  1. I checked the speedo of my CB500x against my GPS, it's way off. at 100km/h it shows 96, at 120km/h it shows 114 (private road of course). At 60km/h it shows about 57.

    Thinking about taking it up as a warranty issue, but I was wondeing if this is normal with bikes?

  2. It's only 4% ish, pretty normal. Don't bother
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  3. Thats fine mate.
    Since 2006 all new vehicles in Oz have a 10% allowable variation in the speedo, as long as the true speed is less than what is reading on the dial.

    There would be very few vehicles that are spot on, l'd rather have my speedo reading high, rather than the other way round, as you now know your 'true' speed, just factor this in, if you like.

    There are a variety of factors that can cause this variation, such as a change of tyres.

    Don't cause yourself a headache, regarding warranty claims..... just enjoy the ride.
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  4. As above, normal.
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    Yeah normal as others have said. You wouldn't think it would be that hard now days.If you are worried you can use aspeedo healer.
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  6. You'll lose another couple percent as your tires lose their rubber as well.
  7. As stated, normal. My 500x was about the same, I've just replaced it with an MT-09 which is even worse. It has other charms that make up for it though :woot::woot::woot:
  8. Ok, thanks guys. I'll just enjoy the illusion I'm going faster than I actually am...
  9. That's actually comparatively accurate.
  10. Yea, most speedos are this way.

    I got an old 1987 astra, and i checked that with a gps phone app and it actually underdeclares the speed. At 110 indicated, im really going 116.

    But it also has inbuilt excessive speed warning. Once reaching past 105kmh the car increases the vibration level from firm and concerning to violent and horrifying.
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  11. It was in effect from before 2006. 2006 is simply when the ADRs became legislated (as opposed to the non-legislated vehicle standards that they were before then - ie: they became law in their own right, without needing to be mandated by other laws, as was the case previously).

    IIRC, the speedo reading tolerance went from +/- 10% to reading 0% to 10% over actual road speed in the early to mid 1990's.
  12. The speedo on my GS500F is off by ~12%. I must have pissed off so many people who were stuck behind me on the Hwy. I just use the speedo on my GPS or go by the RPM now.
  13. It's funny. My 1974 Valiant is more accurate than my 2013 Honda.
  14. Sorry, but the 100 kph is the GPS or the speedo?

    If the "real" speed, by GPS is lower than the speedo's guess, then it's normal.
  15. My DL650 reads 8% high, according to my GPS. The '97 Boringmobile (Camry) reads bang on the money but handles like a wallowing pig over 115 anyway. Seems to be really common for bikes to read high these days.
  16. "Seems to be really common for all vehicles to read high these days."

  17. Lucky. My CB500x reads 8% fast. If you don't want to keep doing the mental maths, you can get a product called Speedo Healer (I'm sure there are others) which you can program to compensate for the overreading of your bike. I'm pretty sure it just sits in between the wiring harness and instrument cluster and adjusts the numbers.
  18. So does all of this mean I can go faster according to my speedo and I'm really not speeding?? I must admit I'm a little disappointed by this news
  19. I wouldn't rely on it until you can verify your actual speed for various displayed speeds, probably with GPS.