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Speedometer globe

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by cosi, May 9, 2005.

  1. Hey could anyone tell me the globe/bulb type for a speedometer? are they all the same? Was just gonna walk to bursons to buy one during lunch. my one wasnt working when i bought it..:<

    its for a kawasaki zxr .. or are they all the same bulb..?
  2. easy, open it up, take the globe out, take with you to shop. Walk into shop, say "I'd like to buy one of these please..."

  3. heh.. yeah i knew someone would of posted something like this ju after i clicked submit. perhaps i should be more specific.

    the globes at home i know what it looks like i went to lots of servos last night on my first real ride and they have the next size up of the one i need. i was justu wondering what modeel number it's called so i can get the exact one ..
    if noone knows don't worry i can just browse the shop..
  4. Sorry man, didn't mean to be rude, it was just set up so beautifully, it would've been a shame to let it slip by... :wink:
  5. thats cool man

    just annoying tho.. i was hoping someone could say "yeah! its a 30048804."

    and that would be that :D

  6. "yeah! its a 30048804."

  7. *frustrated but too buggered to move or do anything*

    ahrhh sui hfyey arhghhhhhhhhhhhh

    okay thanks ;(
  8. justu went to bursons and they dont even have the one i need!!! have to wait till tomorrow.. blardy hell!
    lucky i didnt walk down..
  9. Edit <Facetious smartass mode ON>

    I've checked. There isn't the market demand for 30048804 globes to warrant stocking them. You can use a different model but it means modifying the glass, the base and the little wiggly bit inside.

    Edit <Facetious smartass mode OFF>
  10. ?;/

  11. Hmmm, my original suggestion doesn't sound quite so stoopid now...
  12. im confused >: too much sarcasm on this forum im not sure how to depict it anymore!!! :(
  13. I always find it far easier to send my sister or other females into an auto shop when i don't actually know what part it is im after. Atleast that way when they say "The little globey thingy behind the dial in the thingy that moves when you go faster" they still end up walking out of there with a globe that has 30% chance of being the right one.

    I'm sure if i did that, i'd end up being laughed out of Autobarn.

    edit: When all else fails... invent your own emoticons and blame it on the 'system' for not adequetely conveying your feelings. Eg. :tired,grouchy&apprehensiveaboutgoingtowork:
    Oh, no hang on... i found that one ](*,)

    edited edit: Ooooh.. i like this one.
    =; HAMMERTIME! :p
  14. Try contacting a bike shop and see if they can give you a part number or they may even have one in stock. Try the easy things first then go to the stores where a stupid expression is a mandatory part of the uniform. :)
  15. haha yeah okay okay.. hmm

    any bike stores in richmond along church street?
  16. Just give a bike shop a call, they can look through the catalogue's whilst your on the phone. Then just drop into a service station, Autobarn, or bike shop and pick up the appropriate globe.

    I'm pretty positive there's no bike shops on Church St. But Elizabeth St is only a hop, skip, and a couple of traffic lights away.
  17. None that I've seen. I work in Swan St and get along there for lunch now and then. It's all "fashion" outlets and "designer" crap.
  18. I still say you should take your broken globe out tonight and just take it up to a autoparts store and say "I'll take a non broken one of these please"...
  19. hehehe yeah
    ive noticed.. i get the tram from east richmond up church to victoria street.. got some hippy places too..

    theres some bmx shop but thats about it :(

    where do u work?
  20. i dont get home till 5:30-5:45

    everythings shut":|