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Speedometer Broke! How can I fix it?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by dan_man_x, Aug 2, 2005.

  1. On the way to work this morning, my speedo broke on my bike that I just bought! :x

    Can anyone give me some pointers on where to look to fix it? Like, what I can test to find the problem, common failures, etc.

    It is currently not working at all, no speedo, and no odometer.


  2. It sounds like a speedo cable. Depending on your bike it maybe located on the front wheel, it will run from the hub up the forks and into the back of the speedo! if it isn't on the front wheel it maybe a cable running from near the front sprocket but same thing you may need to just replace it, they cost about $30 - $60 dollars depending on the bike!
    It just invloves unscrewing both ends and refitting a new one. not very difficult. If it is an electronic speedo which I doubt then either a visit to a repair centre or speedo specialist.
    Hope this helps.
  3. If that's a new bike, hopefully it would be covered under warranty. :)
    If that's the case I'd call the dealer.
    I just bought a new PC and within 36 hours the Hard Drive died. I took it back and had it replaced under warranty.
    Happy now. :D
  4. Unfortunately I bought it second hand, so no warranty to speak of. :(

    Does anyone know where the best place to get a replacement cable in the Melb CBD?

  5. Actually, is there any way to confirm that it is the cable? Just in case. I don't really want to blow $60.

  6. Perhaps Cosways Kawasaki on Elizabeth St.
    PHONE 03 9663 4565
    FAX 03 9663 2589
    Try these guys
    Just got their number off the internet.
  8. Cool Cosways, no problems. They're good there, I bought my gear from there.

    Hopefully it's a simple fix.

  9. Have you located the cable?

    It should have screw-on attachments at each end. The inner cable turns inside the outer(!) and usually has ends that are square and fit into corresponding square sockets. It could just be that the cable has come loose.

    Initially it's a matter of inspecting (and hopefully just tightening) the connections. Have a look at the ends of the cable inner. Are they still square? Is the cable inner still in one piece?

  10. Pull the cable out. It's not that hard. It should be something like a knurled knob on the back of the speedo and one near the wheel axel.

    Now turn one end with your fingures and look at the other. Thats if the bits dont fall out by themselves. The flex drive may even pull out.

    If its the speedo, there may be shops around that can fix it. Ktt (kkt?) in Sydney used to do this sort of thing, but I doubt they are still around.

    You may need to find a veintage bike specialist and ask them as those old trumpies and beezers need that sort of thing all the time.
  11. Well, I went to Cosways during my lunch break and picked up a cable for $35. I can't investigate the speedo too much without tools as the instrument panel is on the fuel tank.

    $35 is OK though, and if it is just a matter of tightening it, at least now I have my first spare part for my bike!

  12. Yep, it was the cable. The inside cable had broken on the front wheel end.

    Replaced in about 15 minutes and learnt a bit about the bike in the process.

  13. woo-hoo, dirty fingers and a result, you've just graduated from "what the heck do I do now?" to "I can try this, I fixed it last time"
  14. Its a great ride on the learning curve. :)
  15. Ah yes the learning curve, can be quite steep at some times, others not so steep. Just depends on the situation.

    Hmmmm little bit zen for me this morning, ah that is what it is, the coffee has just been delivered and all is good in the world.
  16. word of advice: make sure the 'curl' of the cable near the forks is as 'wide' as possible... if it's too tight the cable can significantly shorten its life (i found this out the hard way on my old bike).
  17. The other place i would've recommended was MotoBitz on Elizabeth St. When my speedo cable on the Fizzer went i tootled over there in my lunch hour and picked one up fairly cheap (less than $35!).

    Congrats on your first fix. :D
    Warning, you'll now think that everything is just a DIY job. Speaking of which, i've got a clutch to go inspect.