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Speedo way out on Bolwell Retro

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by Kingchops, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. I've just bought a Bolwell Retro 50cc scooter and being totally new to riding motorised on two wheels I've found it really great.

    One thing I've found with the Retro is that the speedo is 10k's out. I realised this after a few days when I noticed that cars were passing me when I was going at what I thought was 60 but I was really going 50. I confirmed it by going out for a ride with a friend who was on a motorbike and told him to go at 50kph. Going neck to neck with my friend my speedo was showing 60.

    Has anyone had similar issues with Sym scooters.
  2. Speedo's both on cars and bikes according to the australian standard, can be within 10% accuracy.
    So basically, you can be doing 60kmh and your speedo can read anywhere between 54 & 66 kmh.

    I have always suspected that scooter speedo's are deliberatly over reading so that people think the scooter can do 65kmh where as it really is only doing 60kmh.

    In your comparision, your friends bike may also have a speedo error. You both could have been doing 55 kmh, your scooter reading 50kmh, your friends bike reading 60 kmh and both bikes would be within spec according to the australian standards.

    In essence, it's damn hard to work out what actual speed your car/bike/scooter/lawn mower/etc is actually doing except for blasting thru a hand held radar trap. One way to find out what speed you where doing, in writing! :evil:
  3. Yes a couple of good points, it did occur to me that the scooter may be set deliberately to show a higher speed and also that my friends bike may be a little out as well. I think I'll ring the shop and see what they say. The retro easily does up to 70 on it's clock which I imagine is about 60 in reality and probably could do a bit more but being a new motor I'm still running it in. The clock goes up to 90 but I've heard it's max speed it eighty which is pretty consistent with the speeds that it's doing at present.
  4. The other thing is that your retro if it is brand new, is still probably "running in". My jolie would only do 60-62 kmh (according to its speedo) and gradually got faster over its first 800 odd kays. Now it does 70-72 kmh (according to its speedo)
  5. 50 on a scooter :p :p

    My car used to always be about 10% over on the readings. The only way I could get it checked was at a drag strip, expensive way to do it but fun!!!
  6. must the be standard mate.. my 50cc Aprilia is constantly 10km/h on the high side.. which just plain sucks.. at 60 on the speedo it is reading 20% wrong.. totally unacceptable. I reckon they do it to sell them.. you take it for a test ride.. 'hey this thing does 60 easy' hand over the cash..
  7. think your probably right there mate. they are always out.

    mind you, so are many bikes.
  8. Problem is the manual said to run it under 60 for the first 1000 k's. So should I run it in at 60 real k's or 60 going by it's clock. I'm up to 400 so I'm just under half way there. I thin I'll contact Show & Go and ask them about it.
  9. Know someone with a GPS device? You can find out the speed to reasonable accuracy with pretty much any GPS device on the market.
  10. I did mine with a bicycle computer.. superglued the magnet to the rim, cable tied the pickup to the fork.. but yeah, if you can borrow a gps it would prolly be better
  11. Both good ideas.

    That's interesting, I never would of thought to use a GPS, but it would be the perfect device.

    Would be great to get a spot on reading to see just how far it is out.