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Speedo stops at 50km... Instrument or cable?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by disassembled, Feb 12, 2007.

  1. Should be taking delivery of a CBR250RR this week, a few little things wrong with it, which will cause problems for RWC.

    One of which being that the speedo stops at 50km, and won't go any further. Is this likely to be a problem with the speedo itslef, or the cable?

    Just priced a replacement instrument cluster at $150, so hoping it's the cable.

    (Don't have the bike yet, so can't tinker)
  2. depends on what drives the speedo gear.
    some are driven by nylon gears which will eventually wear the teeth out, causing it to slip like a clutch.

    not likely to be a cable, if it is registering up to 50kms.....
  3. problem sounds like the instrument. like you said, if the cable was farked, it wouldn't registering to 50kms.
  4. Are you buying the bike unregistered? Or is the guy handing the plate in and you have to get it RWC'ed and rego transfered yourself?

    Presumably you've negotiated the price based on its faults.
  5. It's regoed, i've gotta do RWC though. Yes the bike is well priced, even with the $170 worth of faults. This is my first vehicle purchase in vic, is the norm for the seller to transfer and RWC???

    Private sale by the way.
  6. Sorry, wrong topic for this section :oops: Hijack my own thread
  7. If the bike's being sold registered then it's up to the seller to provide a RWC since the rego can't be transferred otherwise - and unless the rego's been transferred then technically it's still their bike.
  8. Yes, seller provides RWC. Otherwise he has to hand the plate in and on the transfer of rego form indicate that this has been done. It's then up to you to get it RWC'ed and a new plate issued to you before you can ride it on the road.
  9. So it's completely different laws to cars?

    When buying cars without RWC, you can just get the seller to fill in his details of the transfer papers, then fill in your own, get your own RWC and take those paper to vicroads to swap the rego from his name to yours.

    Is that not feasible with motorbikes?
  10. Not to be pedantic, but you are not explaining one thing; does this speedo on the bike stop at 50kmh, as in the reading of SPEED, or does it stop at 50kms, as in the reading of DISTANCE on the trip meter??

    Either fault would seem to indicate a fault with the speedo, not the cable, and that's likely to be expensive...

    {This isn't the bike that came up last week with the two broken needles on the speedo and the tacho, is it??}
  11. Speed,

    and I don't think this had broken needles.
  12. It'll most likely be the little plastic pasrt that the cable inserts into.

    You could just buy a $20 pushbike speedo. Glue the magnet to the rim, cable tie the pickup to the fork leg and you're away. Get a bcklit one if you want to see it at night.
  13. Perhaps with a little fiddling around, the existing one could be repaired. If it's anything like a car speedo, there will be a little square shaped drive crimped/soldered to the end of the speedo cable which inserts into the female end in the back of the speedo. Guessing this would be what is stripped? or actually gears inside. Gears would of course be a pain, but the drive input could be repaired quite easily, yes?
  14. No, it's the same. I'm looking at the vehicle rego transfer form now. It has two check boxes titled "how was the vehicle disposed of?". One for through motor vehicle trader and one for when it's sold with a current RWC.

    There's a section that says that this form isn't to be used when the rego is canceled, which presumably is how the OP is purchasing it. There is no option to sell it without a RWC via the rego transfer method.

    Vicroads website has the forms and the relevant info for download from its website.
  15. Martian is right for the rego.

    As for the speedo, my BB did the same thing.

    The nylon gears are shot. Easy fix. open replace part, close, ride.
  16. Where does one acquire said part?
  17. wreckers ;)

    or buy new!
  18. Spoke to my local workshop this morning, they suggested that the speedo on the CBR250RR is an electronic one, and uses a sensor on the wheel. They though that it's more likely that the sensor is stuffed.

    I'll fix the stoplight switch, maybe i'll let the workshop take care of the speedo for me.
  19. The speedo is not electronic.

    It uses a speedo cable, that means there will be no sensor, it is driven off the gearbox.

    My money's on the plastic drive in your speedo being rooted, common problem...
  20. After some dissasembly, cursing and tinkering i've fixed the speedo :grin:

    Turns out there was a little piece of plastic which had broken off something inside and stoped the little counterweight thingy. Now I've gotta go check that it's reading accurately.

    The GPS taped to my faring bracket should help with that :idea:

    Thanks for you help guys.