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speedo stopped working while riding

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by agelow, Apr 24, 2011.

  1. hi guys, was riding today and speedo just stopped working =[

    gsx250f suzuki across

    not sure if this helps at all, but i was riding, and i think i revved too hard, then down shifted. then after a while realised speedo stopped working.

    im not mechanically sound enough to fix it (do bike mechanics do this stuff?), but was wondering if anyone knows why speedos suddently die out?


  2. Most speedos work from a sender on the front axle that 'transmits a signal' to the speedo itself.
    The mechanism is usually a gear on the front wheel that spins a springy-like wire inside the shell of the speedo cable, and physically spins the mechanism inside your gauges which in turn shows your speed.

    Try detatching the cable from the sender unit on your front wheel and spinning the end of it by hand and seeing if you can get the speedo to twitch. Let us know how you go there as it could be a number of things from a seized cable, broken cable, broken receiver, speedo, sender, any number of things!
    Dont be afraid to pull the speedo cable all the way out and grease it up and stick it back in and try again.

    If its electronic or another kind of sender... best ask someone other then me :D.
  3. sweet thanks. im going to have a look. im a total bike mechanic noob so hopefully it goes ok.
  4. hmm wasnt really sure what i was doing. its ok, ill have to get a mechanic to show me. bit complex for me at the moment!
  5. hmm last time this happened to me (on my gs500), it was just a matter of the speedo cable disconnecting itself from the speedo dial. just had to shove it back on and screw it back on.

    didn't happen on my old across tho.. hope you can get it sorted
  6. yeh i disconnected the cable from the speedo and reconnected it, but didnt do anything there
  7. No worries, just make sure you watch the mech at work so you can see what happens ;). Always nice to learn something easy you will know for yourself the next time.
  8. If you can undo it at the speedo then follow the cable down to the front hub (wheel center). It will be pushed in and there will be a little philllips head screw to the side of it or behind where the cable plugs into the hub. Undo that and the cable will come out. Then you will see a hexagonal bit of wire in it. Turn that with some plyers and see if it turns at the other end. If not it's broken and you need a new one.
  9. hope you get it sorted. will need to be for rwc condition i'd assume.

    but you don't need it for riding. don't look at it, that's a bad habbit to fall into. you have much more important things to pay attention to. speedo does not warrant neglecting them.
    gauge your speed by the traffic around you and when you know the bike better, the sound relative to what gear you are in, throttle position, feel.