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speedo not working, how can I fix it?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by scootergal76, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. My speedo was fine, till I nearly arrived home after work, Techo still works fine, but speedo stay at zero.

    Anyone know the reason!? Can I fix it by myself? would it be hard?
  2. could be either speedo cable or speedo drive is all i know

    speedo cable is easy fix but the drive you have to get everything in sync etc etc.

    probably have to get it chcked out

    i know that if its the speedi drive you can take off a the cable near the wheel somewhere and stick a screwdriver in there to see if it spins or not


    *do not ride my arse for providing inaccurate information this is only my opinion as noone else has posted blah blah blah just trying to help
  3. thanks anyway, maybe go for the coffee tonight to get them have a look :p
  4. I just had my spedo cable break a week ago on the way back from a ride up to Buller. Stoped tripmeter, odo, and spedo. If it is the cable you can check fairly easily by detaching at both ends and seeing if turning one end still turns the other. In my case the bottom end of the cable droped out when I checked. Was surprisingly expensive for a new cable - $46.

    If it is cable, it should be fairly easy to replace. Detach old at both ends, feed new one along old path, attach at both ends, making sure it seats in the drive/is right way up, then do up both ends and ride. Well it was for my bike anyway.

    If it is drive my guess is expensive. May be just as easy to instal a bike computer instead.
  5. Ohh... just found out my case is loose cable, my friend just came and had a look for me, put it back should be ok, I need to go around drive way to make sure. Should be no problem, lucky me :p

    But .......... why it would suddendly loose?!?!
  6. Vibrations....

    Good to know you can disconnect the odo though.... (walks away whistling)