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speedo needle stuck at zero

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by carpathian, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. i cleaned my bike and was really happy with the result. i did it in the backyard and used a garden hose to aid the process. i think this was my mistake cause the next day when i went for a ride i looked down to check my speed and the needle was at zero.

    obviously comming to intersection with a speed camera could be a bit of a problem.

    any help and what should i look for etc

    do i just take the thing apart and......

    thanks in advance
  2. Ok so far what we know about your bike....it has 2 wheels....

    Make, model..??

    or the next most obvious question..is the speedo cable driven or electronic ???

    things to check..

    cable driven.
    has the inner cable broken ?
    is it properly screwed in at both the wheel end and the back of the speedo?

    is it connected properly? back of the instrument cluster, gearbox etc
    are any connectors full of water?
  3. Please read Mike's post carefully; we're more than willing to help but we do need a LITTLE more information not to be guessing :).
  4. This happened to me on my cbr600f3, but the needle got stuck behind the post somehow! I had to take the dash apart and physically move it back.
  5. He is on a NSR250, Have you also checked your fuses? Does the tacho and other instrument lights (like neutral and indicators) still work?

    You must have done something else beside just wash the bike, I'm guessing that the speedo drive bushing has worn. Replace the speedo drive and cable and you're off again. (This is the cable going from the lower left hand side of the instruments down to the front sprocket cover)

    I definitely agree next time mate, check you provide enough information for those people that are trying to help out....they may have not read all your posts before :)
  6. It's a manufacturer's warning that the bike will shortly explode into
    a giant fireball, killing you, and your friends, and that little yappy dog
    from next door, and a mosqito who had no business being there that day*

    *note: this does applies to some models only, which bike do you have
    and/or what kind of speedo drive is it?
  7. sorry about not posting up any detail about the bike
    i wrote the post up at school after a long day of accounting

    yea it is a 1992 nsr mc21

    the reason why i was thinking it had something to do with me cleaning my bike beacuse when i was warming up my bike tacho inbetween 4-7k revs was a faded light and i just gave it a tiny 4-5k rev and then it all just lit back up.

    if all it does is stop the neighbours little yappy dog from barking even half as much as it does in the middle of the night. i will not care :)
  8. "speedo needle stuck at zero"

    Have you tried pressing down on the lever by your left foot before you let the clutch out? :rofl:

    But seriously, if its a cable driven speedo, undo the cable from the speedo and tape it where you can see it, then ride around the block and see if it turns. If it does, the problem is in the speedo, if not its in the cable or drive gear.
    If its an electronic speedo and it happened after you washed it, you need to unwash it.
  9. well after my bike turned into a fireble i unwashed my bike and realized that the problem was all in the cable. the cable was in 2 peices. one of them being less then 5cm short

    so just need to buy a new speedo cable and continue on....
  10. Yay ! Problem solved :applause:
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  12. ill be calling up during the school holidays
    i just dont have time for anything this week
  13. so i called up international motorcycle exporters
    they couldnt help me and
    they gave me the number for some place in dandenong
    who then refered me back to honda
    and even honda couldnt help me
    so they gave me the number to southern cross motorcycles
    and the line didnt exist.

    :idea: anyone?
  14. Why do you write everything in haiku?
  15. Try, Vic Wreckers
    Ph. 9457 1733
    Mologa Rd
    Heidelberg West
  16. cheers mike.
    i called them up last monday and they had some other parts i could do with aswell as the cable
    im just waiting for a non rainy day

    haiku - instead of putting a coma or a full stop and continuing on the same line i can just press enter and continue on. i think.