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speedo cables falls out zzr250

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by kransky.dan, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. hey all,
    couple of times now the speedo cable has fallen out of the plug.
    It seems that the vibrations are unscrewing the cap even though i do it up as tight as i can.
    Apart from duck tape anyone got any suggestions?

  2. locktight? new cable? are toure threads gone - ie, damaged treads/stripped? cables = cheap, bout 20-40 bucks, or no cable = no mileage!
  3. just glue it in
    silicon is my fav as it likes vibrations and will come off easy once it needs to
  4. Good to know I am not the only one with this problem but on a yamaha...I just gave it a bit of an extra turn with pliers...hasn't fallen off since.
  5. Pair of pliers and a little bit of effort. That's all it needs.
  6. lol just happened to my gpx
  7. if you glue it what do u do when you remove front wheel ? or just leave it all hooked up.....
  8. i have a ZZR and have been having this exact same problem.
    After falling out a few times the first cable ended up snapping at the top end. I then bought a kawasaki cable thinking that would be the best bet. It too fell out a couple of times. Then it broke this time down near the wheel. I dont know what the life spans are supposed to be on these things but this one was only a few months. And i was careful to try and route the cable so that is was bending as little as possible.
    Did the no cable thing for a while. Good for the mileage. But maybe risky for the speed cameras.
    Then more recently i bought a cheapo cable which i turned on very tight with pliers and havent had any trouble so far.
    I shy against loctite just incase it does need to come off some time in the future.
  9. Cable

    Put a small bit of silicone on the thread & then do it up. It will hold the threaded collar & will un-do if you need to remove the cable.
  10. Locktight (its made for this kind of thing, unlike "normal" glues) mid strength. And a bit of tape wrapped around under the cap (so on the cable below the cap) to stop it from winding off.
  11. hey all,
    thanks for the replies, will try the silicon and see how it goes.
    thanks all
  12. If not (odd suggestion) you could try plumbing thread tape.
  13. i was just about to post this!!


    my ZZR 2003 cable has popped out last week or so..

    its really annoying... lol i have no idea what speeds im doing.. sometimes thats a good thing :)