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Speedo cable change zzr1200

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by waedwe, May 25, 2009.

  1. my speedo and odometers died today, checked out the cable and its snapped, ordered a new cable, it should arrive in a few days, i have removed half the bikes fairings and am hoping i can get behind the speedo without removing the whole face nose cone of the bike, probably wishful thinking, my question though is just a general 1, is there anything i should be aware of to not stuff up when the new cable arrives and i put it on wednesday.
    Would hate to put it on only to have it snap or be about 20km/h out, am hoping to find a workshop manual but always loses importance in my priorities till i have to do something :LOL:

  2. It's pretty simple. Just get the routing right because if you don't you could damage the cable. Make sure the cable is home in the socket too.
  3. I'm really surprised that it has a cable. I'm trying to recall whether my ZZR1100 had a cable or electronic pickup. Been so long ago that I can't remember.

    I s'pose though, getting back to the issue at hand, is that you follow the same path as the existing cable. Or to check the it was correctly routed.

    These things should last for years.
  4. yep has a cable from the front wheel up to the back of the speedo, , snapped after 17,000km, though the previous owner only did 7000km in the 1st 4 years so it coulda just been bored to death, have seen on a zzr forum some people have problems with em, hope it arrives tomorrow so i can get it on and going after work, will follow the existing cables path and ensure its all correct thanks ibast and mjt57
  5. Would it not have been easier to remove the dash panels and then remove the instrument panel, without touching the fairings.

    Then just drop the speedo cable straight down.

    Certainly the way I do it on my zzr1100.
  6. Possibly could have been, i removed pretty much all the fairings trying to work out where and how to get into the speedo's back, alls good job done, and i have learnt a lot more about my bikes bits, i have also learnt that when putting fairings back together , swearing is a very underated tool :LOL:
  7. i coulnd't actually on looking again remove the dash speedo area without taking off the whole nose fairings , this i what i had to do.
    step 1 remove dash fairings and side fairings
    step 2 remove screen
    step 3 remove mirrors
  8. step 4 undo screws and remove nose cone
    ponder tha uglyness of my bike with no fairings or lights
  9. step 5 remove cable under speedo
    step 6 remove from wheel
    the problem
  10. Then i just followed the old cables route and replaced it tightened both ends and spent twice as long as anything else swearing fighting and manipulating fairngs back into place :LOL: and all was good, if anyone has a fully faired zzr hope it doesnt happen to you, a 2 minute job made so much longer but in the end all is well that ends well ad i know now all fairings bolts and nuts are tight