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Speedo broken on ZZR

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Bells, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. Hey,
    Ive got a 1997 ZZR250 which has done about 499000kms so far.

    I was going for a short trip today and towards the end the speedo just started to read 0km/h. It has been working fine the whole time Ive had the bike (about 6 months) and was fine even at the beginning of the trip.

    Took the windscreen off and poked around but everything seems to be connected. I am not mechanically minded at all so any tips on how to examine it further or possible problems.

    Also does any anyone know a good bike mechanic around the inner west area (i live in strathfield) curently I take it to one in Parramatta, team Moto.


  2. Cable might have come loose or broken, if its that its just a $10-30 fix.
  3. pharque me, with 499000kms on your bike you would have had to rebuild the engine at least 3 times and you dont know how to replace a speedo cable? :shock: :LOL:
    yeah best off you leave it for the mechanic, knowing a kwaka, you'd probably have to remove the front forks and take the carburettor off to change the speedo cable :? :LOL:

    in all seriousness, you need a phillips head screw driver and a pair of long nosed pliers to do the job. if you can change a light bulb, you can chage a speedo cable. all thats happened is that the turn wire has snapped in the cable, you just buy a whole new cable.
  4. Lol check your front wheel is still attached
  5. hahaha guess I should double check my posts before I stick em up...left a few too many 0's in that one :p
    Thanks for the tips - i'll have another look tomorrow and see what I can do
  6. My speedo cable came out down the bottom where it attaches. The inner cable fell out. I went to my local Yamaha dealer and they sold me a complete new cable, inner and outer for $28 for my FZR250R