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Speeding to gain safety

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by snuff3r, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. So, i'm doing my daily commute over the bridge, heading south, and as usual, as I come up to the toll gates i slow down from 70 to about 50 (slowly, nothing sudden, using engine brake rather than brakes) check my mirrors, nothing there. The speed limit is 40 and i HAVE been pulled over passing through those gates doing 50 before so I'm fairly careful at that little stretch re: my speed.

    As I am coming up to the gates, i check my mirrors again only to see a white 2-tonne truck (one of these) coming flying up behind me doing 70+ kph, flashing his lights as in to say "MOVE!!!". My only option was to shed a gear and rip it in an attempt to get up to his speed. The dude had the nerve to overtake me 200m down the road, slowing down as he passed me and gave me the "you asshole" stare as he drove by. I got his business name I was tempted to flip him off but controlled myself thinking he'd prob swerve at me.

    Had a cop been on the other side of that toll gate i would have been done doing 70+kph in a 40kph zone. Not a good look on P's.

    My question is this, if you're caught speeding because you're trying to buffer away from idiots or are trying to get out of a dangerous spot, is it a workable defense in court?
  2. 50:50 Depends on the cop and what he has to say.

    and there's the rub with the ticket system. Once it becomes 50:50, is it worth taking it to court?
  3. You'd certainly hope so.

    Although the cop wouldn't give a $hit and would book regardless, saying the same thing they always say 'heard that one a million times mate'.
  4. Yeah, i guess, unfortunately it's hard not to get pissed off in those situations. Never had a speeding ticket in my life, 20 years perfect record. I'd be so pissed i'd want to fight it :-(
  5. Especially you're facing costs even if you win. I was fined $50 for not paying a fine on time from the SDRO a while ago - despite having being given an extension as advised in writing before the 'enforcement' $50 was charged.

    When I queried this I was advised they can do nothing about it (despite agreeing I'm 100% in the right) and that it'd have to go to court to get that $50 back.

    BUT.. it costs you a non refundable $50 to go to court...
  6. Id be calling the business and give the tosser a serving ... in fact, to be honest, I'd probably rock up there and tell him to his face !!!
  7. Unless the copper involved actually witnesses the whole incident (in which case they'll proably not pull you anyway), you'll probably be booked. You almost certainly will be if you keep pushing the "but...but...but" line beyond your initial account/explanation.

    When it comes right down to it, the easiest thing to do is accept that the consequences of a booking, in almost every case, are a whole lot less expensive and painful than the likely results of the incident you were avoiding. Lesser of two weevils and all that.

    It's shit, but the world ain't perfect.
  8. With any luck if you do that he'll get a hammering from his boss. Going there in person - take some support with you depending on the nature of the business...
  9. That would be a hard one to argue I think. You said he flashed his lights at you, so he obviously saw you... in the way. So deciding to speed from that point is based purely on what you thought he was going to do, but I'm assuming your ability to predict other peoples movements are no better than mine. So he may have slowed down, or he may have changed lanes, or he may have just run you down.

    Even there, you're solution to the problem is already down to 1/3 of the outcomes, and lets face it, what are the chances that you happened across someone that would actually decide to run someone over instead of slowing down or changing lanes?

    Unfortunately the only to prove you were right, would have been to stand your ground and get run over. But all that would have proven is that you should have sped up... and now we're back at the beginning of the argument.

    Rigged against you much?
  10. That's a tough one. Having been booked for going with the flight instead of fight instinct myself, I'd say it would totally depend on the cop. Almost definitely you would get booked though if you are on your P's.
  11. Wow, that was depressing lol.

    Unfortunately, i remember the business a "Workspace Interior design, phone 8980.. something", but i can't locate it.

    Ahh, well. Gonna have to internalise that one, hah.
  12. Sorry but how much distance was between you and the truck?

    He would wipe off 70-40 very quickly, I would have kept at that speed - certainly no need to match the 70 unless his lights are taking up your entire mirror...
  13. I think he jumped into my lane at the last minute. I saw him with about 20 metres gap and let him get to about 5 metres where i decided it wasn't worth waiting to see if he was going to slow down, add a little holy crap into the mix and jumping on the throttle seemed the safest thing to do. I was mid toll booth, so lane change wasn't an option.

    It's not the first time similar things have happened, no-one ever slows down at the toll booths but normally i maintain my speed.
  14. i'd simply explain the circumstances to the nice ****stable.. and if he still booked me, yes i would take it to court and yes i would WIN.

    not all police are reasonable all the time.
    but magistrates are.
  15. I'd like to see you try the same thing. Arm chair rationality is just like 20/20 hindsight. Batshit useless.

    Go right ahead and get yourself killed. But arc up and give that shit out as 'advice' and you deserve a kick to the backside.
  16. Personally, I have no trouble exceeding the limits to keep myself safe. Not to be melodramatic for this particular case, but there not much sense in being mamed or dead because you were afraid to speed out of trouble.

    And THAT is exactly what the jackboot nazi's would have us do.

    I can't wait!!! For the fist case where a driver defends himself for killing a pedestrian because he was looking at his speedo when as they were crossing the road - Open up them floodgates!!.
  17. A copper probably would have booked you but I would be surprised if the magistrate wouldn't throw it out given the circumstances, and assuming you have a clean licence.

    I presume you are talking about the toll booths just before you head down toward the western distributor....it is pretty rare to see anyone go through there at 40, most people seem to slow to 55-60
  18. Yeah, i take the right heading toward Harris Street.
  19. Actually the cops were there yesterday morning (around 8am) - I take the bus lane over the bridge and cross over to the Western Distributor after the toll booths. They had someone pulled over already and flagged down the car immediately behind me (I thought the cop was pulling me over for speeding but then she waved me on). From the looks of it they were more concerned with cars illegally using the bus lane coming off the bridge than they were with speeding, which really sucks when it comes to the f-wit truck driver...
  20. I'm not answering your question here (though I agree you'd likely get no sympathy from the cop unless they saw it, in which case they'd pull the van over) but just putting in my 2c of what happened here.

    It's possible that the van driver, not seeing your brake light lit up before changing into your lane, got the impression that you were planning to go through at 70km/h like he was as.

    I usually keep my foot slightly on the back brake if I'm engine braking so the light's lit, but admittedly not all the time.