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speeding tickets.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by zxr arron, Nov 21, 2004.

  1. does anyone have any ideas on not getting done by a speed camera. i have heard there is a spray which deflects the flash on camera but dont know if any good or not. also there are covers u can use. also heard there is a cover that fogs up ur numberplate with a push of a button. any one have any ideas apart from the obvious dont speed. im not going to go 200 kmph but those pesky 110km in a 100 zone tickets are a real killers. thanks guys

  2. Dont speed.
  3. That's the best way to avoid a fine-nice work vic :)

    Me personally, I wouldn't bother spending money on that sort of stuff. Knowing my luck it wouldn't work & I'd still get one of those blue & white letters in the post.
  4. See username mgompie, believe he has something riigged up.
  5. I use a leaf over the first letter it has been there for 2 years now
  6. pretty hard to explain an super glued leaf to the number plate
  7. ive seen a cbr 04 model with his or her number plate on the under seat guard facing it at the tyre and this was at a breatho :shock: no fine no nothin :shock:
  8. Don't get me started on speeding tickets. If they worked then I would be the first person to support them. But why do they usually put the camera's on the bottom of hills instead of area's that are classified high risk accident spots. Revenue, not safety is the first thing that comes to mind. :x
  9. Snap. this would be my advice also!
  10. chec this out

    i guess every rider likes to get away from speeding tickets however its not possible.the governmnt wouldnt be able to support the polies without speeding fines.


    check the following i think this would be a good trick to use on r bikes but be carefull boys & girls

    www.mannsmotorsports.com click on fastags

    :D :D :D :D :D

    let me know wat u guys think
    :?: :?: :?: :?: :?:
  11. Anyone got one of those roadangel gizmos?

    I understand that they aren't a radar detector as such but can be loaded up with locations of every fixed camera in the country and also regular hiding spots of the men with hair dryers.

    GMAN wrote
    Great idea if your positive you can outrun em or don't mind going to jail.
  12. I have heard, and seen, people using their rego to partially hide their number plate. Attach it to the bottom of the number plate and swing it up to cover it as much as possible. But, if you get caught with the number plate covered you could be up the shit creek. Then, apparently, you need to learn how to be able to kick the rego label off the face of the number plate as you're getting off the bike in the event you get pulled up by a copper. That's how it was explained to me. Sounds kind of hard really. :?
  13. ... obscure your numberplate and you wont get the speeding tickets, but you will get the licence plate fine instead....
  14. Most reliable method I know of...


    Learn to trick-ride, and when you see the camera, take one foot off the peg and loop it around over your plate. Try not to fall off in the process.

    I reckon when the coppers see that one, they'll be so impressed that you'll get away it the first time.

    Failing that, remove the licence plate.

    I still reckon not speeding is the best method though.
  15. have a uk license, it gets you out of so much trouble. :LOL: :LOL: :p
  16. Best way I heard of was an LCD numberplate, normally it just shows your actual details but the push of a (hidden) button changes a couple of the letters instantly, another button press changes it back again.

    Apparently it works well (looks just like a normal plate), only prob is that if you do get caught with a false plate then you're really stuffed (as others have said).

    Either that or cover your bike in Carbon-Fiber (radar resistant) :)

    Or do some track days :p
  17. Yer I've been keeping an eye on the RoalAngel and they've just come out with another model. Basically its a GPS system which has a database of co-ordinates of Accident Black spots, school zones, fixed speed camera locations. As you approach these locations it beeps and flashes to warn you to take it easy. Since its GPS is also gives you an accurate speed read out.

    Its not going warn of mobile speed decectors and camera nor getting pinged by unmarked cars. But since its not a Radar detector its perfectly legal.

    Bloody good idea I think. I wish I had more money for gadgets.


    Also when I was in Time Plus Communications the other week they had one in there. Lots of other cool gadgets in there aswell and they are a netrider parnter, can't get much better than that.
  18. Yeah i made a good device for my old zx-6r to hide the number plate
    but its hard to let out secrets :-#
  19. yeah. cool i have heard alot of tips and ideas but i want something that isnt so darn obvious. like a leaf glued to the number plate is good but what happens when u stop. lol the leaf just hangs there. very natural?
  20. Something i saw at honda one day while i was there . A lady on a fireblade turned up and was talking to the staff about the cameras when she reach for a lever she had on the side of the bike . When it was operated it dropped the number plate down . (facing to the ground ) it seems she put hinges on the plate so when ever she went past a camera she just reached down and presto .