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Speeding Ticket HELP!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by m505, Oct 7, 2006.

  1. Hey guys,....this is my first post...could someone please give me their opinion on this speeding ticket matter i have?

    I have a NSW learners rider license.....and a full unrestricted drivers license

    I got a ticket on my bike for going 16 over.....which is 3 points......

    I actually hadn't noticed the speed limit had changed from 80 to 60 because of roadworks .... but i did get caught fair and square....

    anyhow......i was reading the RTA website....which says that a learner's licnse may be withdrawn and cancelled if they incur ANY driving infringements.....

    from what i know,.....once u lose one license,....u lose both!.....will I lose my drivers license as well?.......coz if so...thats really bad....considering it was a minor speeding offence (albeit innocent)......and my first ever ticket for antyhing.......

    i read this from an earlier post which leads me to believe that I may well lose both if im unlucky.......

    "I was also booked on the Australia Day long weekend (doing 72 in a 60 zone, slowing down from a 100 zone) while driving my car (P1 licence) in NSW. I paid the fine, and then got a letter in the mail today saying that my licence will be suspended for 3 months.

    I have an unrestricted motorcycle licence and up until this offence (in the car) i have never had any demerit points and the 6 points i did get shouldnt be enough to suspend it anyway, so will i be allowed to continue riding in this period?

    The letter i got does not mention any suspention to my bike licence, it only says P1 Provisional Class C. Ive tried searching all over the RTA site but couldnt find an answer. "


    thanks in advance
  2. aww crap......sorry, im new to this....and just saw the legal forum....

    i ll re-post it there.....as the moderators might remove this one
  3. Hey, I've only been riding for a week, and every time I realise im a few ks over I wonder about what would happen if I was caught speeding on my Ls.

    With all the things you have to concentrate on, things you have to get used to, look out for, take into consideration, etc etc. it seems very understandable to make some mistakes when riding. Whether it be stalling, crappy downshifts, failing to take indicator off, whatever, I at least have been guilty of all of those things.

    Something you may have not considered is writing to the rta and explaining your situation that you are new to riding, inexperienced, etc. saying it should be understood that you were trying to concentrate on something else and didnn't slow down enough in time. And asking if that offence can be withdrawn. Sounds strange but my mum had a speeding offence a few years ago and she wrote in saying basically that she has been driving for 20 something years without other offences, so could this one be withdrawn, and they DID. Worth a try neways.
  4. i had a reply all mapped out, i thought you needed help getting a speeding ticket :grin: :oops:

    its a good question, and i cant definitively answer it for you, i'd call the RTA.

    i assume as you are unrestricted you will just lose points from your licence, as they are one and the same, eg. you dont get 12 points for each vehicle (although that would be good :grin: )
  5. Sorry to hear that sounds pretty crap. Still if you have had no other fines on your record, you could write a letter explaining the "honest mistake". Now you will still probably have to pay the fine, but if you present a good case they may not take away your licence but rather put you on probation. Still at least that would be a better option, still a crap option but it would help. I guess it can't hurt to try.
  6. Yep, I should really stop doing some speeds I do....
  7. i actually had a very similar problem full motorcycle licence in NSW but only p's for car lost 6points they said i lost my licence but i went and argued with them that 6 points is not enough to suspend my 12 point licence in the end they agreed i could ride a motorcycle (still with 6 points) but could not drive a car but no one really wants to answer this i went to cops rta and then back and so on until the rta finally came to the agreement above hope this helps you
  8. I did 160km/h on my L's.... tee hee :grin:
  9. hmmm. you looking for a badge or something! :roll:
  10. i did 600 on my L's and that......

    nah im fibbing :grin:
  11. A mate just lost his full licence (car+bike) for 3 months for doing more than 15 over the speed limit in a 60's zone.
    Best of luck with it.
    Just my two cents worth
  12. Obviously it wasn't on a stock zeal...Specified top speed is 140kph (and up the straight at PI it was :roll: ) but blew up on Honda corner doing less than that :p
  13. down hill with a gail forced tail wind?
  14. Can i ask what licenses he had?

    Were they full driver's AND full rider's?

    Or was he a provisional on one of them or a learners on one of them?

    Thanks to all for your help.
  15. Yeah cos 3 months loss of licence is 30kph+. Well at least in NSW.
  16. well, here's the info i got from the highway patrol and the RTA.....i called both...

    they said...

    that you can't incur demerits on your L's....the offence still goes on your record though.....but no points will be deducted...

    if you incur 'too many' infringments on your L's, you will be asked by the RTA why you should be allowed to have a learner's license.....

    in my situation, the RTA said that....no points will be deducted for the offence because i was on my L's and that my full driver's license will not be affected....
  17. Im surprised at that - i've never heard of anyone not loosing demerit points - regardless of what license they're on.

    When i was on my Ls rider class, with full car license, i got caught doing 115 in an 80 zone, the cop was actually really nice and only did me for <30. This resulted in 3 point loss - from the 12, with a fine of $180ish. But anyhoo - ACT laws?!!!!!
  18. This doesn't sound right. Any offence on your L's and you loose it.

    As far as I know, you only loose the L classification for the bike portion.

    The points just get deducted from your full licence.

    Think off it this way, your L's is a Permit. It is the permit you loose, not yoru lisence.

    Also it's not too bad anyway. I think you can do it all again in 6 months. Don't quote me on that one.
  19. He probably didn't have any proof and your less likley to challenge as you thought you had been given a good deal.
  20. I am a bit bewildered. Yous all boast doing obscene speeds on / off restrictions (this isn't the only thread been on NR) and then whinge when ya get caught or come off.... Ya do the crime, ya do the time...

    Yous know ya in the wrong so cop it sweet and post some worthwhile reading instead of this garbage.