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Speeding things up! (was "slowing things down")

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by raven, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. Ok...time for a little test...No answers until a reasonable number of people have had a chance to respond. :grin:

    You may have experienced times on your bike where everything seems to be coming at you a bit faster than normal and a bit faster than you are anticipating...it creates a hightened level of anxiety and can often lead to SR's creeping in.

    So!...the question is....

    "How can I slow things down, WITHOUT reducing the speed of the bike??"

    Who wants to give this one a shot, eh. :)

    ...c'mon...be brave... :)

  2. Close your eyes? Nah just kidding. I reckon looking further ahead might do the trick.
  3. *shakes fist at Pete* I think that's it, raven. :LOL:
  4. I'm assuming you mean mid corner John?
    I believe I'd have to try resist my SR's and keep looking far into the corner, tip the bike further whilst keeping the revs constant. ( Although doing this should slow the bike as the section of tyre you'd be running on would be a smaller diameter).... so I guess that's the wrong answer :?
    EDIT: Answer has to be "look further ahead" ??
  5. What are SR's? :oops:
  6. Survival Reactions
    Things you 'automatically' would do as a self-preservation action. ie: hit the brakes, chop the throttle etc. Unfortunately these things can upset the bike and you'll find yourself going where you didn't want to go or even worse .. coming off.
    Trust me .. I'm an expert at exercising my SR's :p
    I'm working at it tho
  7. can we assume you are also excluding the certain substances option?
  8. Ahhh....Cheers Hombre :)

    Well in answer to the opening to the opening Question... I'm with Pete
    ....Although whats the scenario Raven? Is it Mid Corner? Freeway? City? Looking further ahead would apply to all...but in circumstances where it is all happening around you, ie people chopping and changing lanes, sitting on your ass, or beside you etc, i will sometimes speed up to get away from it all (if reasonable).....

    ....Speed up to slow down, theres a concept
  9. :LOL: that'd work
  10. It's all a state of mind. Get some deep breaths, in fast, out slow, settle the mind, focus, get in the "zone" and let the trained part of brain deal with mechanics of riding without your concious brain interfering.

    Be one with the bike and the road. Zen of motorcycle riding... <cue mystical music>
  11. Increase your observation time by increasing the gap in front of you (don't always have to reduce your speed for that).

    Start your corners wider to increase visibility through the turn.

    Relax. Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.
  12. Re: Slowing things down

    Easy. You 'widen' your field of vision, so that you're constantly aware of your peripheral vision as well as what's ahead. It can be a little tricky to explain, but very easy to do. When you're riding, relax and widen your focus.
  13. No answer from me, yet... :p
    I'll leave it open over friday night for a few others to have a chance.

    So far...a few of you are overcomplicating things...it's a very simple answer that pays great dividends, when you put it into practice or become aware that you are NOT. :)

    BTW...While some of the answers are completely wrong to the specific question being asked...none of them are wrong as good tools for riding. :)

  14. With all due respect, we'll wait for your answer raven then see if you are right .. :p
  15. I like a combination of Pete's, Campag's and StRider's answers. :-k

    What I do is . . .


    . . . or, in other terms, "Use The Force Luke. Use The Force."

    Specifically, concentrate on what I'm trying to achieve, not on how I'm doing it. It's amazing how all the right things happen when you do this, without you even thinking about it.

    But I look forward to your answer John. :grin:
  16. I guess it's the nature of this place that there over over 2100 hits and 30+ posts on the sidestand thread, and so very few interested in this rather important part of riding that will make you a better rider, and safer.
    Ho-hum.. :roll:

    So...since I'm not feeling all that patient and for the wiser ones that took the time to read and respond, kudos to you, for your recognition of it. :)

    The answer is simple...you can slow things down without reducing the speed of your bike by looking further up the road. :)
    Sounds simple enough does'nt it...but thinking about it, and training yourself to lift your eyes to what's coming in the distance, is alot different.

    Why does it work?...well...simplistically...the sooner you see something as you approach it, the longer the time you have to digest it, decide whether it's worthy of attention or to dismiss it because it is irelavent.

    It's a bit harder than it sounds because it requires you to "let go" of what's going on right in front of you....I don't mean ignore it...I mean...not allow it to become the focus of your attention, yet still being mindful of that forground information.

    Perhaps hardest of all, is when there is alot happening right in front of you...say when commuting. You have to remember to get your eyes back up ahead all the time, or you will end up starring blankly at the back of the car in front...or concentrating too much on your immediate surroundings. THAT'S why people smack up the arse of each other on the freeway...starring at the car in front does'nt give them the amount of warning they need, they should be looking further up the road.

    So...slow things down by picking up on them further out...you can use this to travel at the same speed with more comfort, or trade that comfort for increased speed but also with more safety.

    This was for noobs, so you experienced riders that were able to read my mind... :p :p :p :LOL: :LOL:

  17. Thanks John,
    I look forward to similar posts like this.
    You are dead right about commuting, ( something I can definately relate to )
    I always look further ahead to see what IS and MAY happen BEFORE I get there. So I guess in a sense I am 'slowing' without reducing speed.
  18. john,
    i believe pete nailed it straight away, no?
  19. First thing you must do is relax, then you can look down the road (where you want to go) and things will seem to slow down as Raven said but you need to stop thinking oh sh!t first or you will just get tunnel vision and not be much better off.