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Speeding Supension

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by high rider, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. First of all sorry if this is in the wrong section, move it if it is.

    Anyways what happened was a good mate of mine lost his license. And he got this theory off a friends dad. The theory goes as follows.

    Because he is on this P1 license (red P'z). First speeding offence means automatically loss of license. Well he had 1 point left then got done doing 18km/h over on double demirts long weekend (6 points). So in short hes fuked! Now how it works is, the suspension will not start until he has paid or has made some sort of payment towards the fine. But this is where the theory comes in, apparently lots of truckies do it. Anyways the fine is 239. Well what you do is, pay 1 dollar extra. AND THE SUSPENSION WILL NOT START UNTIL YOU RECEIVE THE 1 DOLLAR CHANGE VIA CHEQUE. And apparently the cheque can take months, even years!

    Now this mite be trouble though, because after the 3 months, he cant get his license back, because technically the suspension hasent started? Plus he can get his greens in August?

    By the way, if the laws are different in other countries or states. I'm located in NSW, Sydney.

  2. Mate that cheque scam does not work any longer.

    Put a written appeal in, it takes 1 month for response, then you have 3 weeks to respond to that. Rinse and repeat as necessary.
  3. the cheque loop hole was cleaned up years ago. it was that they sent you your change in a cheque form, and the suspension wouldnt take place until you got your change back. so you would never cash the cheque.

    Now i think that they suspend your licence from the date of the offence...correct me if im wrong
  4. theres another way he could get out of it, rock up to the rta, pay the fine, and claim he hasent droven since the offence, thinking the suspension started that day?
  5. LOL. No, they will say 'ok fine if thats what you though. Anywhere heres your 3 month suspension'.

    They're not THAT braindead.

    They are however very, very bureaucratic and this slow inefficient system can be manipulated quite well.
  6. u can drag it out thats about it,
  7. As was stated, old trick doesn't work anymore.

    Bad luck.
  8. Been covered many times already, I posted a thorough outline of the NSW process and what happens if you don't pay etc etc........
  9. Well maybe you could link it for him tweet, I can't remember the thread heading, but you might.
  10. Send then a cheque with 1 cent less than the fine, because you havnt paid the fine in full they cant suspend you, but they will have to take you to court for 1 cent, in court tell them they should have rounded it up as 1 cent is no longer legal. you will get out of your court case and the judge might forget to impose the suspension due to the stupidity of the case.
  11. Wrong. You would be done for not paying. It's your onus to pay the correct amount. In fact I'd bet the Judge would give you the max (whatever that is) he or she could.
  12. +1
    Magistrates don't like smart asses rest assured. Besides that the SDRO has measures in place to cancel your license due to fine default under the fines act (nsw)