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VIC Speeding rider 232ks

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by mainstage, Oct 16, 2013.

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    As much has I hate telling people how to ride a couple of things stand out here . Lead story on 3aw this morning

    With a pillion wearing shorts .232ks .running a red light . Construction zone guys working
    Thanks for good press



    Baw Baw Highway Patrol is appealing for public assistance to identify a motorcyclist who sped through a roadwork restriction zone and nearly collided with a roadwork traffic controller on Monday 14 October.

    Police observed a motorcyclist with a pillion passenger travelling in an emergency lane of the Princes Highway coming up to a roadwork restriction zone between Darnum and Yarragon about 10.20am

    The motorcyclist was observed to enter back onto the roadway through the closed lane, forcing a roadwork traffic controller to take evasive action to avoid being struck.

    Police believe the motorcyclist was travelling at approximately 100km/h in the restricted 60km/h zone.

    Police attempted to catch up to, and intercept, the motorcyclist between Yarragon and Trafalgar at which time the motorcyclist sped away.

    A pursuit was called at this stage and the highway patrol officer detected the motorcycle reach a speed of 232km/h with a radar detector.

    The motorcyclist went through a red traffic control signal in Trafalgar and turned left into Seven Mile road.

    The pursuit was terminated a short time later due to the dangerous speeds and riding of the motorcyclist.

    The motorcyclist was last seen heading north along Seven Mile Road towards Willow Grove.

    The motorcycle was believed to be a maroon Ducati and the pillion passenger was only wearing shorts.

    Police are appealing for anyone who may know the rider or who may have any information which might help to identify the driver to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or www.crimestoppers.com.au.

    Throughout the month of October, Victoria Police will be targeting speeding drivers and riders.

    October is a traditionally dangerous period on our roads with a high number of fatalities.

    Across the state, police will be actively patrolling metropolitan, regional and rural roads targeting those who disobey the speed limit.

    The State Highway Patrol will continue to patrol road work zones across the state as part of Operation Nickel.

    Sergeant Sharon Darcy
    Media Unit
  2. someone's going to say it so it might as well be me

    must have been stuck in second.....
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  3. The only thing stuck in 2nd was this morons brain
  4. if you are going to get the book thrown at you anyway and your bike seized, why wouldn't you run?
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  5. I'll admit I exceeded 200kph about 10 times a couple of weekends ago! I guess the only difference is I was in full leathers and no pillion passenger, oh, and I was on a race track!

    If you have the need for speed - you just got to find the time and place to do it!
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  6. Listening to Neil Mitchell on 3AW now - he is calling for motorcycles to be speed limited.

    Will get the podcast later today and post it up.
  7. Neil Mitchell needs a frontal lobotomy....maybe that way he will stop making sensationalist, attention seeking, idiotic comments on a daily basis...
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  8. VMC got a word in. And brought it all into perspective......
  9. All I ask is that people do not give this story any more oxygen than it already has.
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  10. Mitchell has now backed down - and is now calling for speed limiting to be applied to all vehicles - not just motorcycles.
    Believe Heli has emailed him and told him to stop demonising motorcycles. So now the debate is being widened to all vehicles.
  11. You idiots still engaging Bitchell? Will you morons ever learn???????
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  12. Wrong there Smee - when you get a chance listen to the podcast to hear what was said and by whom.

    Talking to him achieved a backdown from a direct assault on motorcycles. I heard what was said - and I liked what I heard said by those many riders who spoke to Mitchell this morning - including VMC and VACC.
  13. Got something to say? Want to tell Mitchell how dumb you think his idea is? Tell him HERE.

    Time to speed limit motorcycles

    Posted by: Neil Mitchell | 16 October, 2013 - 8:51 AM
    Here’s an idea: Let’s speed limit motorcycles, maybe cars too but start with motorcycles.
    We need to do something. Look at these cases:
    Friday 12th April 2013 – motorcyclist detected at 130km/hr in an 80km/hr zone near Todd Rd, Port Melbourne. A police chase followed and a 26—year-old man was arrested.
    Sunday 16th June 2013 – motorcyclist detected at 146 km/hr on the Hume Freeway. Police called off a chase after he accelerated to 273 km/hr. A 37 year old Swanpool man was later charged.
    Saturday 14th September – motorcyclist was clocked at 144km/hr in a 100km/hr zone on the Eastern Freeway in Kew, reaching speeds of up to 195km/hr when police followed him. He later told officers that he was running late for work.
    Monday 14th October 2013 – motorcyclist speeds through 60km/hr roadwork zone at approximately 100km/hr. Subsequent police chase was called off after detected speed of 232 km/hr.
    11th October – 165km/hr in a 100km/hr zone on the Maroondah Highway
    8th September - 154km/hr in a 70km/hr in Footscray Rd in West Melbourne
    These are big, fast, dangerous bikes. Why do we need them?
    Why do we need any motorcycle capable of doing 300 kilometres an hour?
    Speed limit them, stop the chases, stop the idiots.
    Why not? It is becoming a problem, a habit, a fashion.
    Speed limiting might be a beginning of the end to it.
    Motorcyclists I am sure will want to debate. I want to work out whether it can be done.
    Blog comments button-yourSay.

    • Only in Victoria would an idiotic statement like that even make it into a public forum.
      Long live the nanny state

      otto Wednesday 16 October, 2013 - 9:15 AM
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  14. When a Highway is named Baw Baw...... Baaaarwwwrrrrrr!!!!! :wacky:
  15. Hold on - now I'm offended! Queensland is the Nanny state! Back-off you bastards!
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  16. Anyone talking or engaging with Mitchell is a cockless feckless wonder
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  17. No Queensland is the Fascist Nazi state....
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    Look at that ! No one killed or injured . Nice work speed doesn't kill
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  19. 3AW have posted comments submitted by more of us, sine I posted the above link.

    Suggest all visit and have their say.

    Be interesting to hear his reaction tomorrow.
  20. Ah - he gets paid to do that...