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NSW Speeding on L's

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Sedgy, Apr 10, 2013.

  1. Hey netriders,

    Just received a notice of a speeding fine for doing 67 in a school zone which I admit to doing the wrong thing and am not here to dispute that. It was a ~$500 fine and worth 5 demerit points.

    My question is, is my license suspended meaning I am back on my L's after three months or do I have to do the learner course again. And if I was to get my P1 license BEFORE the suspension period begins, will I then return to my P1 license after the suspension period?

    I'm also on my car learners so does that mean I will have to retake the DKT and get my car L's again? or will I return to having normal L's on the car after the suspension period. (The difference being whether I have to fill out my log book again or not). And also same deal with the car P1 license, if I obtain that before suspension period begins will I return to it after the three months?

    Was a silly mistake and definitely a learning curve to be much more aware of school zones in particular as well as making me realise I can't get away with speeding all the time however I would like to reduce the impact this will have on me, hence the questions.

    Anyone with the ability to interpret RTA legislation or experience in the matter that would be able to give some input would be appreciated.


    To top it all off, it was on the third day of owning my new Ninja 300 to replace my FZR250 that is in a state of mechanical repair (not crash related).

  2. Alright thanks, I did a little more browsing after this post and decided on getting both my car and bike P's before the suspension period begins. Then I have something to be happy about while waiting it out at least
  3. I know for a fact that disqualification details are given to police so that they may drive past your residence and observe the movement of any vehicles registered in your name. Waiting it out would be a very intelligent option.
  4. Wait what? If you've lost your licence, it's still legal for a mate to borrow your vehicle, right? Or you could have pushed your bike between your driveway and the front lawn because you were washing it while your licence was suspended. Or whatever. Seems to me that there are plenty of possible explanations for vehicles belonging to a suspended driver to move around...
  5. Well I keep it garaged at the top of a long steep driveway so It's invisible unless I'm washing/riding it. I am worried about leaving it there for three months unattended.

    Would it be a good idea to empty the gas tank before I let it sit there? I also have a driving instructor down the road who rides and jokingly offered to ride it for me to keep it healthy if needed. I just don't want to cause any damage to it by leaving it stagnant.
  6. Preferably to keep it full I reckon since leaving air in the tank ==> condensation and rust and contamination.
    Keep it turned over and put some Stabiliser in the fuel. Star Tron is good http://mystarbrite.com/startron/
  7. Thanks NSSherlock, but what do you mean by 'keep it turned over'?
  8. By that, at least start it and run it for a while. Every few days or once a week should do.
    Forgot that you might need a trickle charger on it. Won't hurt for sure.

  9. Would it be good for the bike to be run up and down the street once a week?

    I'll sort out a trickle charger and talk to my mechanic about it, thanks mate.
  10. Would be good for sure. Warm it up before and work it through the gears.

  11. Alright thanks for your help mate
  12. 67 in a school zone? What were you thinking?????

    Take a breather for the suspension time to sit in the corner and think about what you've done young man. What if you had killed a child and his puppy????
  13. basically if you wanted to, you could drag it on and not be suspended until you receive your licence.. the suspension would only be in effect after you have taken an action to admit guilt which in the usual case would be paying the fine..

    but that does come at the cost of paying the penalty reminder notices and other fines which the government can swing your way:banghead:

    or if you leave it too long, maybe a court order or warrant (n)

  14. Before it goes to court they suspend your licence even for 1 unpaid parking fine, so you really only have 2 or 3 months to pay or you get suspended anyway
  15. They cannot suspend your licence if the fine is subject to court action until the court makes a determination.
  16. Yes they can. They suspend your licence for non-payment. Has been happening for years now in NSW.

  17. There's a fairly long procedure before it is passed on to the SDRO which includes reminder notices etc. You get a penalty reminder notice and then an enforcement order. Even at the enforcement order stage you can still contest it. It's when you don't finalise the enforcement order that enforcement action (including RMS restrictions) can be taken.

  18. Yeah exactly, this guys is not going to contest it though

  19. I reckon anyone who gets a fine should definitely contest it.. the government is making too much money off our fines which lines the pockets of our politicians.. why give these greedy politicians money when they don't do anything to improve our economy..

    just my 2 cents