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Speeding: No-one thinks big of you

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Ktulu, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. Youth Speeding Campaign

    Many young guys see speeding as cool

    All the ads in the world showing the serious injury and death that speeding can cause are becoming less effective.

    Increasingly, young guys simply reject this message. They have an “it won’t happen to me†attitude.
    The 'Speeding. No one thinks big of you' campaign takes a totally different approach

    It offers young drivers an immediate consequence… because when it comes to speeding, no one thinks big of you. It purposely talks to young guys in their language.

    Testing of the finished ad has shown this is a very salient thought that will change young drivers’ behaviour. It could very well be the thread that unravels the mindset that speeding is cool.
    Our aim is to make speeding socially unacceptable

    In NSW speeding is a factor in about 40 per cent of road deaths each year. This means more than 220 people die each year in NSW because of speeding.

    In addition to those killed, more than 4000 people are injured in speed-related crashes each year. The estimated cost to the community of speed-related crashes is about $500 million a year.

    The 'Speeding. No one thinks big of you' youth speeding campaign is one part of our effort.

    Watch the video in the link.


    Many young guys see speeding as cool

    Oh really???
    Wow, who'd have thought?

    I'd be horrified to learn that centuries of motorsport, athletics, and the advertised glories of automotive technological advancement might have given people in general some kind of understanding that 'faster' = improved/better.

    Hell, it's virtually only the BASIS for determining values in the car and bike market; worth billions of dollars globally.

    Thank God the RTA was able to come along with one pissy ad for a campaign every motoring enthusiast knows is founded firmly in warm and slippery bullshit: and undo every bit of knowledge we've been programmed with by the autmotive market, and almost any competition ever engaged in by human beings for centuries.

    Since when is speeding not cool?
    Did someone steal all the copies of Top Gun from the public servants library???

    Aside from giving this campaign both sarcastic barrels for it's general poor design: it IS a scientific fact that driving behaviour does not affect penis size, unless you happen to position Mr Happy right under the lap-sash seat-belt before an emergency stopping procedure, or the steering column is aimed right at Sir Winky preceding a a head-on [or off!] accident.

    So; although mildly amusing and born of an old compensation cliche - the ad in fact has little bearing on actual effects of speeding.

    Don't lie to me and give instructions in the same breath, RTA. I'll tell you to f*&% right off.



    Dear Ktulu,

    I have moved your thread to "politics, Laws and Government" because I feel that it is better suited to that forum.

  2. Awesome bending of the figures there! :roll:
  3. This reminds me of the bit in Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, anyone seen that? The bit where the young bloke has a toke of a joint, says "I'm so high right now!" and blows his head off! It was a p!sser!
  4. i love how its targeted at young males... does this mean that young females don't speed? bloody sexism
  5. Just careful wording, and convenient neglect in not mentioning how alcohol, drugs, fatigue, and mechanical failure contributed to the same accidents.

    Practically: lies by omission.
  6. What?? So.... the RTA are..... lying to us? My world is shattered now. Before I could hinge all my safety on not speeding. What am I going to do now???
  7. :rofl:

    ...your tax-payer dollars at work!
  8. Console yourself with your enormous penis, apparently...
  9. My mum thinks I'm cool
  10. No, I think they're onto something here, just a little misguided. I'd happily pay my tax dollars into ad's that spent a solid 30 seconds belittling the plebs for their one wheeled burnouts and excel's with massive spoilers. Neither approach will affect the road toll, but one is definitely a worthy cause.
  11. But the ad says I have a little one (i chucked a burnout once.... :LOL: )
  12. Saw this on Telly last night. Absolutely pissed myself laughing when I realised it was an RTA ad...
    Gotta say after reading the spiel that Ktulu put up from the RTA, that it's a happy load of horseshit, BUT, it's gotta be more effective than the shock and awe campaign that didn't shock or awe anyone. I see more graphic stuff of CSI/NCIS/SVU/XYZ every day of the week.

    I give it the thumbs up, just because it made me laugh so hard to see the bowls granny do the "little winky" gesture...
  13. Well technically, if the woman who witnessed you doing the burnout had an abnormally large pinky, then you're not necessarily deficient downstairs...
  14. Did you know that silver is the colour preferred by most car buyers? Something like 30% of new cars are silver. So logically, silver cars should be involved in a greater number serious accidents than cars of any other colour.

    The RTA's next move...

  15. i still reckon chicks dig wheelies and stuff :grin:
  16. I dont think any of those cars were actualy speeding :shock:

    Guy in the XR6 glad he can aford the tyres at $270 a pop. No Speeding.
    Bloke in the red Celica WTF, hows it his fault some bimbo steps off the curb without looking. No Speeding.
    Ok the bloke in the Dunny door is a knob but hardly speeding.

    Oh well, just you guys wait till the NSW Grumpyment gets adicted to speed camera revenue like our freeking state government.
  17. WOW :LOL:

    Some times you wonder who the hell is responsible for this sort of rubbish. As soon as you say something isn't cool, doesn't that make it cool?

    Kind of reminds me of the logo for the London Olympics. Holy crap, what a joke!! Talk about missing your demographic... :roll:

    Having said that, the add is kind of funny. Truth be told, it will just give girls some ammo to use against the boys when they smoke em up. Won't actually change anything. IMHO.

    PS, why are the blokes in the back talking about the dudes wang? :shock: :LOL: :grin:
  18. the ad was surely written by females. or at least that portion was, because we all know - blokes dont discuss each others wangs.
  19. No she doesn't :wink: :p
  20. EXACTLY!! :!: :LOL: