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Speeding kills your pocketbook.

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by aaace, Sep 12, 2013.

  1. Video is Canadian but looks at the use of speed limits..

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  2. Fu*kin' Eh!

    Luv the Canadians!
  3. Yep..I agree.
  4. Great Find, Thanks
  5. Well if that doesn't show it, nothing will... Think we need to start spamming the cops & parliament with this video.
  6. To what gain? Cops couldn't care less. Poli's will reply back with the same pre-prepared form letter. Form letters have no value in politics.
  7. I've said for ages if u didnt have speed limits the majority of people would drive at a speed conductive to the conditions.
  8. Well how do u propose to get the data & msg out there to the people that make the laws? Got a better idea? It needs exposure in decent amounts and then the media will pick up on it.

    I don't think for a second enough people will do anything about it to make a difference but it's a nice thought.
  9. They know the data and the message. However, they have their own agendum. That agendum is vision zero. Vision zero is the retarded love child of the inbreeding that occurs between a farmer and his pet donkey. Vision zero has no place for realistic speed limits. It is about forcing people to drive at unrealistic speed limits or pay the consequence. P-platers crashing late on a saturday night just gives them ammunition to suppress people on tuesday morning.
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  10. I just saw this today. Loved it.