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VIC Speeding in car, questions

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by tricey, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. Not sure if in the right section but hopefully i can get some replies on this.
    I created a new thread from a suggestion

    Tonight I was riding home and a copper had pulled over another person, on the other side of the road. I was going about 70-75km/h in a 60 zone.
    He walked up to the middle of the road while i passed and did nothing? I looked back and im assuming he was writing down my license plate. Can he actually fine me for that?
    There was no radar gun in his hand, just pen and notepad.
  2. Done it heaps of times, never been fined...
  3. yes he can most HP can estimate your speed better then a radar they have years of experince.
  4. Long story short - yes. They do not have to chase after you at all. Whether it be too dangerous etc, you can receive a tin in the mail just like a camera would send it to you.
    The process is exactly the same if you decide to 1. pay it, 2. write in or 3. go to court over it..
  5. They might try to chase you down, pull you over and accuse you of speeding based on their hunch (not evidence) and then hope that you admit to it like 80% of motorists do (the police have socially engineered society to believe that cooperating with the police is the best thing to do in most situations) and then they will issue you an infringement. This is why you never cooperate with the police and always either remain silent and speak to a lawyer first, or disagree (in the case of minor speeding offenses with no evidence)

    If he didnt pull you over, you wont get a ticket in the mail.

    EDIT: Have any of you actually had this happen to YOU first hand? i have blown past loads of cops and not had anything sent out, and as far as i know, with out radar evidence they have nothing to stand on it court. besides
    'he looked like he was speeding to me.'
  6. as far as i'm aware, the cop is considered a 'professional witness'.

    but unless you were doing excessive speeds i doubt it would be worth his time taking you to court to prove it

  7. I dont believe that, I was always told and have actually tried this, if you are speeding on a highway and they get you with a radar they HAVE to pull you over and give you the fine personally. Speed off (take an exit get back on, lose em) you wont get a fine. I think its because there is no way to prove it was you driving when they dont have a photo. (you know, that innocent til proven guilty thing)
  8. I got a neg driving (I was riding but it's legally driving) in the mail. It does happen.
  9. Exactly, maybe if your doing like 45kph ++ they will (though they would just chase you)

    but its really not worth there time for 1 point and 80$...
  10. so how did they know it was you riding?
  11. Rego?
  12. might have been your mate riding? they only know you own the bike
  13. It wasn't but. I am not going to jail over some small neg driving ticket, which I deserved. That would be weasely anyway.
  14. Wouldnt they just send you the old stat dec form with the infringement notice? Where you need to either accept the fine, or give them the details of who to blame. Unless you report the bike as stolen, it is your responsibility to name who was riding it at that time.
  15. Exactly, not signing a false stat dec.
  16. I have heard that only highway patrolmen are allowed to estimate speeds. As someone mentioned earlier they are considered an 'expert witness' in court, but obviously their evidence is not as reliable as a radar or camera. Regular cops running the beat are not considered expert witnesses.

    However, if you are unlucky and it was a HP officer, then you can challenge their estimation in court. If the HP attends court and estimates you were 15+ over the limit, most likely the judge will side with the officer, and mayybe give you a downgraded penalty (like 0-15km/h over).
  17. it was a speeding camera offence? they can do it then.
  18. He moved to a better position from which to observe the wheelie he was hoping to see, which would have improved his otherwise shitty day. He went home a disappointed man.
  19. First thing first. Worry about if and when you get a ticket in the mail within the next 3 months.
  20. Still hoping a day comes when someone gets a highway patrol thug on the stand and throws a tennis ball at his face without warning, and then asks how fast it was going.
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