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QLD Speeding - HELP

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by jusking3888, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, new on here, so welcome to me :)

    I have a question. I live in Toowoomba, and on my way home from work last night I gave my bike a little (I mean a LITTLE) throttle down one of the streets. Then I noticed the signs and the van parked up on my side of the road. The back of the van was facing me and I could see the copper sitting in the back.

    When I realised it was a camera van, I immediately hit the brakes. At this point I was about 100 - 150m away. It was completely night. No daylight whatsoever. As I got about 20m in front, I was still doing maybe 70, but as I got level with the van I had dropped my speed to around 50. I saw no flash so I'm quite nervous at the moment.

    So my question is. Can the vans in QLD - if the rear of the van is facing me on my bike - still get me for possibly picking me up for up to 100? Or would I be safe because I slowed down quickly and wasn't speeding when I went past? This is doing my head in. I don't care if I cop a fine and a few points, I just can't afford to do my license. Please can someone provide some insight to help me out? I've searched all over the net and cannot find anything useful. Cheers!
  2. So where was the camera facing? Forget about if the rear of the van is facing you or not, it's the camera that takes the pics!! If it takes a pic of your front then no probs either way..
  3. I think the flash in mobile cameras is infrared only so no visible light - this is to avoid startling other drivers.

    Personally I think they're a menace - they cause people to panic brake. You've experienced that first hand.

    My gut says you're probably ok. I don't really know what the vans are like in QLD, but it sounds like the cameras are all facing out the back.
  4. If you were doing the speed limit by the time you passed the van, what's the problem?

    They would have no way of recording your registration from the front of the bike.
  5. So... the speed limit was 50 and you were over 100?

    Panic braking is not the problem here.
  6. Usually, by the time you see the van/copper, they've already got your speed so it doesn't matter what speed you were doing past the van, it's the speed you were doing hundreds of metres away that is recorded!!
  7. Um not quite........for in car radar or stationary laser, yes, for radar speed cameras the beam is angled across the road at approx 22 degrees, so the speed reading is taken very close to the van itself, not hundreds of metres away.

    In QLD most of the flashes are still visible light so at night you will definitely see it. As said elsewhere, if you were at or less than 10km/h over the posted limit at the time you were within a car length or two of the van then you are 99% OK. Lucky this time.
  8. None of this matters if he was riding a motorcycle, which do not have front number plates
  9. Spruce, hypothetical question.

    Bloke gets spotted doing 80 in 50 zone, no number plate at front. Pic gets taken. By the time the back of the bike is in view he's doing 50. Additionally, instead of an automatic camera that waits for a speeer to activate it, it's run by the operator who actually takes the pic. So once the bike has gone past operator takes another pic to ID the bike. With the time stamps and operator as a witness, could there be a prosecuting case against the rider for doing 80?
  10. It would be hard to defend in court I reckon!
  11. Lilley, if it were a photo taken of the bike at 80 in a 50 in QLD, and the operator, a commissioned police officer, manages to observe and notate on the record sheet the number plate of the bike, the offence will be deemed to be proven, provided the registration details match with the colour/model of the bike in the photo.

    It is then up to the owner of the bike to either accept the penalty or nominate the rider at the time of the offence.
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    Lol. It sounds like there's a new game plan. Instead of the panic ebrake you now drop a cog and blaze past him as fast as you can. Cop gets no plate.
  13. Wow...I can't believe the overwhelming number of responses... although I find myself wondering - even if he got me front on and then noted my plate down, surely that wouldn't be legitimate as he could make an error right? If no photo was taken of the rear of my bike then one would assume there is no proof...? Also for those of you asking - the pisted limit was 60, so I'm pretty sure my license isn't in jeapordy. Fingers crossed for nil outcome. Cheers everyone but feel free to continue to discuss :)
  14. That is a cracker of a question, one that I don't have a legitimate response to =D>

    On a serious note, if both photos were time stamped to prove it happened at pretty much the same time, I think it would be hard to defend! But it would have to be photographed, not just the cop writing it down.

    Also, if both photographs were not time stamped, you could argue it could have been anyone. I dunno, I still think it would probably go against QLD police's SOP's for the camera's use.

    I looked at that link to the RACQ that someone put up earlier in the thread and got a grasp of the way it works up there. The photo taken is in the 22 degree range when the vehicle is approaching (or leaving, if the van is facing the other direction). I would find it difficult for the copper to spin around in the van and somehow take a picture of the back of the motorcycle. Good question though.
  15. Best way around this - pop a mono past the van......!!!! :D

    If you do it properly, your licence plate will be facing the ground.


    Until your pics shows up on the front page of the Sunday paper hahaha
  16. Ummm....I actually have never popped a mono out of anger. Only ever powerstand :\ I know, I'm a bit of a noob I think. I just love the feeling of the power and acceleration. Wheelies seem like something to do around my mates, but that doesn't really help me cos I don't know how to do one, and I'm shit scared of stuffing my pride and joy.

    I can see how to do it, and in my mind I can go over and I know what to do...it's just I can't bring myself to actually do it.
  17. In Queensland, the police officer in the van is not just there to mind the gear, he actually notates which lane each vehicle photo was in, in his opinion etc.

    They don't take another photo, just notate on the line that is the info for the offending vehicle, the rego details if they get them, and they really do try to get them for motorcycles detected from the front.

    However as OP says limit was 60, he believes he was below 70 close to the van, there was no flash he is OK as far as a photo-detected offence goes. Trip point at the moment up here is 10km/h above the posted limit. I do not believe they can send out and "estimated speed" offence by mail unless the operator has been identified, and in this case he can not be.
  18. When was the last time you heard of a commissioned officer being in a flash for cash?
  19. Assuming QLD is the same as NSW (I don't care to check that because I live in NSW) popo can spot you committing an offence and send you an infringement notice in the the mail without you being stopped or notified, similar to a fixed camera. I don't see them noting your plate after the fact and sending you a fine as any different to that. Unfortunately the onus then falls on you to prove you weren't speeding or there was some error with their claim or equipment etc.

    This is where I see it proven beyond any doubt (if we had any)that penalising people for speeding is not a safety issue. If you get detected speeding and not stopped/informed, then you can continue on your way killing innocent people as you beligerently travel 10k/m over the speed limit. As long as you send them some money in the next few weeks...