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Speeding Fines :(

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by cbwolf, Dec 2, 2007.

  1. I recently got my license and bike and have been commuting on it everyday and fun rides on weekends so i'm starting to get some experience. But, along with that experience has unfortunately come a few speeding signs :(

    It always seems to happen on my joy rides, ie.

    One sunny afternoon i decided to take a ride along one of my favourite "twisty" rods. Keeping in mind, i was a complete noobie at the time, it was down Beach Rd in Melbourne, from Brighton Beach all the way down to Mordialloc and back.

    Anyway, so there i am, riding along, trying to take the sweepers smoothly and as i come out of one of them i roll on the throttle for a giggle, a few seconds later i see the red and blues rolling out of a hidden driveway infront of me.

    Booked for 82 in a 60 zone. (Keeping in mind, this particular section on beach road was very quite, straight and very comfortable for a noobie at 80km/h).

    Then, another occasion. I just purchased my new leather jacket and wanted to "test" it out. So i decide to take a nice afternoon ride, which turned into a ride down to Arthur's Seat from Bentleigh, so a good hour and fifteen mins each way. Silly me, i had my iridium visor on and on the way back it's starting to get dark. So i open the little 250 cibby up on the freeway - all good. Except 2 weeks later i get a fine in the mail - 123 in a 100 zone. Bugger.

    And, the most recent experience - today! After some advice from you guys, i decided to take an "intro" ride to twisties before visiting the spur. Rode up to Warrandyte->Kangaroo Ground->Kinglake->Healsville->Yarra Glen->Christmas Hills and back to Warrandyte. Unfortunately, on the long straight stretch between Christmas Hills and Warrandyte, got pinged by an oncoming TMU car. Booked, 102 in an 80. This is getting just stupid.

    Anyway, yes yes i know, "don't speed and you won't get booked". But honestly, who here doesn't have an occasional joy ride on their sunny Sunday? This is just getting stupid, seriously. It's now 9 points in 2 months. What the f#$k?

    Is this something that's going to continue or am i just having bad luck? Because honestly, i don't understand how any of you still have licenses!

    Are we not allowed to have a bit of fun anywhere?
  2. Mate first of all we live in a police state with revenue and you ass on their mind (not in a good way).
    If you want to blast your ride, try a track day. Else the only safe way to have some fun is in a group ride with a leading set of riders and tail end charlie. They clean up the mid-range for the rest.
    Unfortunately it looks they want to crack down on this in the near future. But still the best way at the moment.
  3. If you've just got your license, and you've been booked three times for speeding, how come you've got a license left?? Just as well you didn't go straight to a 600 or you'd be in the bigga house by now.....
  4. in NSW, your vehicle would be impounded.
    edit- you will have your licence suspended upon payment of your fines.
  5. You're right, it is just stupid. You that is! Want an example of someone who doesn't learn from his mistakes, then here you are. Oh, and excuses are like assholes - everyone has one! Grow up and start taking responsibility for your own actions.
  6. I imagine that the OP would have a full car licence, which grants him 12 points to lose before his licence is suspended, even though he's on his learners. That's how it works in Vic. All 3 offenses are <45kph over, so there's no way his bike would be impounded. Also, all 3 are less than 25kph over, so no suspension, so long as he hasn't exceeded 12 points (assuming that he has a full license).

    There's no "trick" to speeding, but I can assure you that pretty much all communities take a rather dim view to bikes ripping through their neighbourhood, and there will be plenty of police presence close to town(s) as a result.

    Speeding along Beach Rd is just moronic. That would have to be about one of the most heavily policed roads in Melbourne.

    Speeding along the freeways is marginally less moronic, but right up there. If they're not more heavily policed than Beach Road, they'd be on a par. Cops love speeders on freeways, 'cos the road quality is plenty decent enough to do 130kph on them safely (and by safely, I'm referring to similar quality roads in other countries where 130kph is normal and accepted, and even 150kph is overlooked in certain circumstances), but here in Australia the limit is set at a low 100kph, and you can bet that the TMU will be all over those drivers who confuse a fair and equitable speed for the given conditions with allowing for any possible understanding from said TMU when it comes to filling the state coffers.

    Speeding in the Christmas Hills is also fairly silly. It used to be 100kph all through not so long ago, now it's 80kph. Zones like this are TMU patrol heaven as they're ready to pounce on all persons who remember the good old times when 100kph used to be just fine.

    In short, you picked some pretty silly locations to exercise your indescretions, and almost did everything you could to maximise your chances of getting picked up.

    Never speed in town. Never speed in areas where houses are around. Never speed on freeways. Never speed in zones which "look" safe.
  7. Perhaps a bit harsher than I would have put it, but +1.

    New riders like yourself, who don't yet know how to properly control a bike, but know how to twist the throttle, are the ones who usually end up in the obituary columns.
  8. hey Flux, i thought u only had the minimum points of any licence held, ie: with a Learner permit, even if you have a car, since your all your permits are interconnected points wise, as soon as u went over 5 or whatever the limit is for Ls, then your gone. i'd be really surprised if simply having a full car licence allows you to have more points on your Ls/Ps bike licence...

    i think your gonna be suspended once you make those payments, cbwolf :? one would have hoped you'd learn after the first or second time...
  9. Chin up mate :) ...and maybe time for a change of attitude? This isn't a flame, and I'm a noob myself and have made some pretty stupid mistakes, and expect to make more...but from your first few posts, you've been riding less than 2 months, and you're obviously enjoying it apart from the fines. Maybe think about taking it easy when you're riding on your own, and look into some coaching from some more experienced riders?

    Be cautious with speed anywhere where there are driveways or T-intersections you can't clearly see across...and that's for safety, never mind fines.

    Side note, something taken at 80km/h can not be a sweeper unless my definition is all wrong...try 150+, or rather, don't, of course. Why speed on straights? I'd be a liar if I said I never speed, but you learn to limit it to considerably safer areas (that's safer for you and others around the road), and sections where police presence or ability to ping you is unlikely. You'll also find ways to enjoy your riding more without speeding. Getting comfortable on the bike, getting satisfaction from developing your observational skills, etc...and don't be in a hurry to go fast -anywhere- straight away, you can always be a little faster the next time :)
  10. PS: Nice bike, it'll keep up with you pretty far into your riding development.
  11. Hmmm. I'm only going from personal experience. Still, I think I recall that when I lost points that I had moved from my Ls to a restricted full license (courtesy of my full car license) which granted me 12 points, the ability to ride up to 0.05 BAC, but not to carry pillions or ride >260cc bikes,

    Maybe you're right about L's?
  12. Don't bother with this 20kmh over bollocks, you're dropping yer pants for a license r@pe without having any real fun. Head way out of the city, away from the popular scratching roads, and speed properly. That's where all the proper velocity joy lies.
  13. Bingo, it's all about fine risk management :p.
  14. get the vaseline ready :p
  15. :WStupid:

    down here in vic you have one licence with 12 points for both bike and car. I think L's are different.

    one way to help watch your speed is to watch which gear you are in. eg stay in 3rd if its 60, 4th if its 80 then hopefully the engine noise helps remind you.
  16. I try not to speed more than a few km over unless I really really want to, and then I'll keep a close eye out for the cameras. No point speeding if you're not getting something out of it. I'll squirt to get away from cars, but then back to the limit. I'll play on the occasional corner/onramp, then back to the limit... ish. Keep your eyes peeled, or slow down. Most of us will get caught at some point, but generally not as often.

    Of course, running in a bike the Motoman method is a little risky on the roads :LOL:
  17. Those 3 locations that you mentioned are heavily policed and are <100 zones. Lesson learnt here is: never speed in town. It is both dangerous and expensive.

    Alot of fun can be had in proper locations. e.g. at reefton you'd be hard pressed to go 80 on 100 zone.

    If you really need to speed i.e. anything above 180, go really out of town eg gippsland, snowy mountains etc. When seeing cars either parked or not, slow down to reasonable speed, for safety and wallet !
  18. Combination of being new, not noticing things properly, a bit right hand happy, and also plain unlucky.
  19. Thanks for the advice guys.

    Yeh i know i should know better, but there was honestly no danger doing the speeds i was doing. But i will definately take your advice onboard.

    As for Black/Reefton spur, i havent yet been to either and i'v heard of some people being booked at these locations. Are these two heavily policed? Also what are the speed limits and the speeds you'd be expecting to actually be traveling?
  20. :twisted: grrrrr :twisted: grrrrr

    I just got done today for doing 67 in a 60 zone...... on a GSXR1000 !!!!! bloody $138 and 1 point f@ck f@ck

    I have paid this government many thousands of dollars, makes me sick. And to all the tossers that say "well you shouldn't speed" or "don't do the crime if you can't do the time"...... shove it!