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Speeding, fines, court, record?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by sydrider, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. Hi guys,

    I have a question regarding speeding fines and licenses in NSW. What's happened is that my license was suspended for 3 months.

    During that suspension period I rode my bike and was photographed by a fixed speed camera at "15km/h or less" in excess of the limit.

    So I received a letter from the State Debt Recovery Office informing me of the $77 fine and loss of 3 demerit points.

    As it stands I have no demerit points and my license is still suspended. My license was also suspended when I was photographed speeding.

    My question is this. What penalties will apply to me after being caught riding whilst suspended? Does this incur some sort of criminal record?

  2. Don't worry about it, you paid the fine and just turn up at the end of 3 month suspension for licence. Plead ignorant, I didn't know.

    I'll give ya 50/50 chance of getting your licence back. I paid a parking fine for an unregistered car and nothing happened. Some times the computers are linked it seems, some times not.

    Unless you hear from them 1st, then just don't get caught again.
  3. Umm, yeah dude. Driving/riding without a valid licence is treated pretty harshly.


    Imprisonment in some cases - at judge's discretion depending on what you did to deserve the suspension in the first place.

    Although I have heard of people slipping through RTA fine processing ie. getting new licence just before paying a fine to get more points etc. I doubt you will get away with it.

    My advice:
    - find a good friend to take the rap for you on this one. Pay the fine for them, + a huge present for their troubles.
    - then: stay off the bloody road until your licence is valid.

    If you get caught for ANYTHING you are screwed.
    Also, you are at fault in any accident [whether the other party was actually at fault or not] because without a licence YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE DRIVING.
  4. Had exactly the same thing happen to a friend of mine.

    He's now without his licence for 2 years!

    They don't take lightly to the driving/riding whilst disqualified thing.....

    I'd def go the whole, get a mate to take the rap deal.
    Even if it costs you some BIG favours.
  5. Thats 110% correct. I had to learn the hard way on that 1.
  6. Start a bidding thread and offer $$$$$$ for some one to take the points for ya :grin:
  7. I think the only penalty is the d1ckhed of the week award...
  8. Not paying you out Sydrider (though it wasn't the smartest thing I've heard of), but...

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  9. Thanks guys,

    Yeah I get that it's not that good a situation. I'm worried that I might get a criminal record that's all.

    Does anyone know if that's a possibility?
  10. Apart from your suspension already:

    -For driving without a licence? Yes.

    -A fine for your mate? No criminal record for anyone.
  11. No chance you'll get a criminal record for this esp. if its a first offence. IF it does go to court max you'll get is community service or a fine, thats IF it goes to court. Ide say you'll just lose your license for a while. Dont stress theyre not going to ruin you (career wise) by giving you a criminal record for something this small.
  12. past experience- got caught riding whilst suspended than was summoned to go court-- thats the law--- !!!
    you than have to face a judge and depending on how they are"feeling" on the day you may walk away with only a fine or a fine and more months suspension-- or a fine, suspension add on and a criminal record-- depends what you got were doing when ya got caught riding disqualified.

    i have been summoned to court and i got a fine- no record and no add on suspension-- pretty lucky-- got caught riding with no licence cos the motorbike cop saw me, the long hair and heels did not help either-- he recognised me straight away--- "hey marisa" he said "didnt my fellow officer catch you a few months ago speeding and you lost your licence"--- D'OH :? :? :roll: "why you riding?"
  13. They won't recognise you now on your black steathy stunt beast! Although you might wanna consider changing hair colour and buying some new shoes just for good measure.
  14. I wasn't riding it I don't have a licence, I was elsewhere (pick fool proof place), and there are three guys I live with who could have taken it out at the time, none of them remember whether they did or not your honour :oops:


    I am trying to sell it coz i don't have a licence any more, I had 4 guys over who had test rides that day.
  15. What about perverting the course of justice? :twisted:
  16. Don't know about NSW but same happened to me here in Perth, WA. They doubled my suspension from 3mths to 6mths and I copped a $200 fine. No criminal record, but all the insurance companies know about it and I have not been abled to get any insurance since, and this was 7 years ago.
  17. I wouldn't be too quick to jump to the "Get a friend to take it for you" angle. I recall recently reading either on here or another forum about a guy and his friend landing in serious trouble for doing exactly what you're describing. For some reason the police were monitoring their phone conversations and overheard the discussion about taking the fine. Both of them landed in court and were charged with a number of offences (perverting the course of justice, making false statements to police etc) and definately ended up with a criminal conviction. However if you're not currently under investigation for anything and are smart enough to discuss it with said "friend" in person you might well get away with it as many cagers and bikers alike have done before you.
  18. That's kinda weird, far as I know most companies only ask for disclosures within the last 5 years, so they can't count that charge against you... when did you last apply for insurance?
  19. It probably was a couple of years ago, maybe I should try again. They want about $1400 a year to insure someone my age on a zx10r though, so I have taken the risk so far.
  20. Yeah, personally I don't have the funds to replace a bike like that if things go pear-shaped... if I had a shiny like that I'd be willing to pay $1400 easy! Obviously you're independently wealthy? :p

    Worth a ring-around though, just for peace of mind. There's a few threads on here about who does decent insurance on bikes, I'm with RAC but they're not bike specialists (I went with them because I work for them so I'm biased and don't trust anyone else to look after me) so you might wanna try elsewhere.