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speeding fines by state...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by xoraak, Apr 2, 2005.

  1. This is my first post, hello everyone!

    Following is the list of penalties for speeding found in this months cycle torque issue...

    up to 15kmh = 3points, $75 fine
    15-30kmh = 3points, $208 fine
    30-45kmh = 4points, $579 fine, 3month suspension
    45kmh+= 6points, $1597 fine, 6month suspension

    up to 10kmh = 1point, $128 fine
    10-24kmh = 3points, $205 fine
    25-34kmh = 4points, $271 fine, 1month suspension
    45kmh+ = 8points, $440 fine, 12month suspension
    20-25kmh in a 110kmh zone = 3points, $205 fine, 1month suspension

    up to 13kmh = 1point, $150 fine
    13-20kmh = 3points, $150 fine
    20-30kmh = 4points, $250 fine
    30-40kmh = 6points, #350 fine
    40kmh+ = 8points, $700 fine, 6month suspension

    9-19kmh = 1point, $100 fine
    19-29kmh = 3points, $150 fine
    29-40kmh = 4points, $250 fine
    40kmh+ = 6points, $350 fine

    up to 10kmh = 1point, $50 fine
    10-14kmh = 3points, $80 fine
    15-22kmh = 3points, $110 fine
    23-29kmh = 3points, $140 fine
    30-37kmh = 4points, $190 fine
    38-44kmh = 4points, $250 fine
    45kmh+ = 6points, $400 fine


    up to 14kmh = 1point, $154 fine
    15-29kmh = 3points, $238 fine
    30-44kmh = 4points, $353 fine
    45kmh+ = 6points, $353 fine

    Now I'm not advocating speeding in any way, but hands up people moving to WA?
    I am.
  2. hell yeah, i'd take any of the other states in fact. i'd have been riding for the last 3 months if i got caught in any of the other states :(
  3. Tassie is alright too in means of progression.

    When ya talkin 10 or 15k increments it just makes me think well if im gonna go 5 over i might as well go 15 considering the same punishment.
  4. Yes but remember its not revenue raising in Victoria its about reducing our road toll. What BS can someone please tell me why if its about our road toll why Victoria had the most amount of deaths over the Easter period. Its obviously not working but it sure is adding a hell of a lot to the states coffers.

    :( :(
  5. Speed enforcement is in general a joke. A perfect example is up here on the pacific motorway, where there are (practically) identical stretches of the Pacific motorway, one singed at 110 and the other at 100. Not sure how one strech is deemed 10 kms 'safer' than the others in this situation It seems four lanes vs three lanes makes all the difference? In that case would the limit be 120 if there were 5 lanes?!

    The other thing that all states assume is that speeding is not safe in any situation, by anyone, regardless of driver skill/experience. Unless you are a cop... then you can floor it.
  6. It's interesting that victoria and nsw have the highest road deaths too. I know there's a population factor... but come on.
    Victoria is the leading speed fining state, getting over twice as much per year in revenue to the next highest nsw. RIPPED OFF!
  7. Law enforcement is put simply - If people are breaking the law, then it needs to be enforced. Or in other words we can justify our jobs (if you are in law enforcement). What they dont say is the fact that speed limits in some areas are rediculous, or the fact that the limit was set back in the days or "high tech" tyres were cross plys and road design has come a hell of a long way.

    Living in Victoria which is also the highest taxing state if I remember correctly, speed enforcement is primarily spose to be done at "blackspot areas". I dont think that means the straighest, longest road, with no intersections you can find. And then find the bottom of a long downward slope and YEP thats a good spot to enforce the limit. And whilst we are at it lets do a drug test.....

    Have you ever noticed that when the road toll is down the police are on TV saying what a good job they have done. Whereas when it is up it is "irresponsible public, not driving to the conditions, etc, etc".

    Ah Victoria, the place to be!!!!